LURCH "My lid" silicone glass covers protect your drinks

Our My Lids are the ultimate solution for every household! Do you know the frustrating feeling when insects and pollen suddenly land in your drink? That's now a thing of the past, thanks to the LURCH My Lids. These high-quality glass covers come in vibrant colours and with cute motifs. They are made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, are food-safe, free from BPA, PTFE as well as PFAS and can be put in the dishwasher without any problems. Over the years, many of these lids have become sought-after classics and collectors' items. Our range is regularly expanded to offer our loyal fans new designs. Join the My Lid community and say goodbye to unwanted guests in your glasses!

"My lid" glass covers with motif (single)

LURCH silicone lids "Summer Fun"

Our new My lid series "Summer Fun" brings three sporty characters into your home: Finn skilfully plays frisbee, Issy glides through the streets on her inline skates and Pia balances safely on her stand-up paddle board. All three keep your drink safe from insects and pollen while you sit back, relax and enjoy.

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LURCH silicone lids "Coral"

The three new glass covers in the My lid "Coral" series come directly from the sandbanks of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia and protect your drinks from uninvited guests. Especially in summer, they are essential for keeping wasps away and allowing you to enjoy your drinks undisturbed.

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LURCH silicone lids "Beach Guard"

These three ensure safe glasses

The latest trio in our "My Lid" collection is made up of real heroes. Part of the team are the attentive Willy Watcher, the nimble Linda Lifesaver and the cool Bobby Board. With these three, you can feel really safe on the balcony, in the garden, on the terrace and on the beach.

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LURCH silicone lids "Splash Boys"

Bring plenty of power to your glasses

The exciting "Splash Boys" in our My Lid Collection will immediately captivate you! Bruno Bombe with his power, Freddy Freestyle with his cheeky manner and Arne Anker with his nonchalance are ready to accompany you on the balcony, in the garden and on the terrace. Enjoy every moment carefree in their energetic team!

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LURCH silicone lids "Splash Girls"

A trio for more grace on your glasses

Let yourself be seduced by the enchanting "Splash Girls" from our brand new My Lids collection! Monika, the brave adventurer, Elena, the elegant beauty, and Rita Rutsche, the fearless explorer, make up this unbeatable trio. With them, summer on the balcony, in the garden and on the terrace will be an unforgettable experience!

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LURCH silicone lids "Beach Kids"

Action on the beach and on the glass

The "Beach Kids" are the youngest members of our My Lid family! Emma Eis, Simon Sandburg and Roland Ring are here to protect your drinks from pesky insects and pollen. With their charming and reliable protection, every beach and garden day becomes a carefree pleasure.

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LURCH silicone lids "Beach Girls"

These girls bring beach feeling to your glass

The adorable "Beach Girls" Berta Book, Theresa Bag and Yolanda Yoga are not only cute to look at, but also true masters at sealing your drinks. With their stylish appearance and practical use, they are indispensable companions for your beach adventures.

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LURCH silicone lids "Beach Boys"

Sport and relaxation on your glasses

Experience the concentrated power of the LURCH "Beach Boys"! Benni Ball, Tim Taucher and Matze Matratze are the right choice to liven up your breakfast table with colour and energy. With their irresistible charm and practical functionality, they reliably protect your drinks and become indispensable helpers.

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LURCH silicone lid "Biergarten"

The Oktoberfest on your glass

Enjoy the incomparable beer garden feeling in your own four walls with Benno Bier, Marie Maß, Biggi Bretzel and Toni Tuba. This unique combination of joie de vivre and cosiness brings the best of the beer garden straight to your home. Let these great silicone lids accompany you and protect your drinks while you enjoy them to the full.

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LURCH silicone lids "Garden"

Colourful diversity in the green and on the glass

With the charming members of the My Lid Garden series, spring will move into your garden. Ladybird, bee and caterpillar bring living nature to your home and protect your drinks on a silicone lid in leaf shape. Immerse yourself in colourful nature and enjoy the garden idyll to the full.

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LURCH silicone lids "Pets"

Glass covers for all animal friends among us

Enchant all animal lovers with our silicone lids from the pets series, which are absolute favourites on every glass. Whether it's a pug, cat or bunny - they're guaranteed to bring a smile to any face while protecting your drinks safely and securely. Order these cuddly pets and enjoy every sip carefree from now on.

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LURCH silicone lids "Arctic Summer"

These three provide year-round eye-catchers

The Arctic Summer silicone lids with penguin, seal and polar bear give your drinks an icy freshness. These adorable wild animals sitting on their ice floes are suitable for both cold and hot drinks. Get this frosty charm and experience a touch of the Arctic in your glass all year round.

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LURCH silicone lids "Farm Animals"

A cute farm on your glass

Bring the farm to life with our My Lid Farm Animals. Whether at parties or in everyday life, these charming silicone lids always attract attention and are useful protectors at the same time. Bring the animal farm magic into your kitchen and discover the practical versatility of these adorable farm animals.

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Beautifully practical! LURCH My lid

In summer, there is hardly anything better than enjoying the sunny weather outdoors. Whether at a garden party with friends and family, a barbecue with the neighbours or a picnic for two, a delicious drink is definitely not to be missed. But the glasses are also very tempting for insects. To prevent wasps, bees, flies, etc. from getting into the glass, simply close it with our practical silicone lids. But the lids are also useful for hot drinks, as they stay hot longer when covered.

By pressing lightly, the lid sucks itself in and offers perfect protection. The special thing about our glass lids made of silicone are also the unique motifs, which make them an extraordinary gift. Thanks to the variety of different figures, everyone will find the perfect lid for them.

Our My Lid collection is made of exclusive Premium-Platinum-Silicone of the highest quality. These lids are not only dishwasher safe and food safe, but also heat resistant from -40°C to +240°C. Our material is free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS, so you can rely on the highest LURCH quality. Indulge your senses and your health with our first-class silicone lids.

LURCH My lid Silicone lids as a gift idea

These glass covers are the perfect gift

The unique motifs of our silicone jar lids and their easy-care properties make them something very special. They are an extraordinary gift idea for your dearest friends and the whole family! The lids put you in an extremely good mood just by looking at them and are an absolute highlight at every party. Our silicone lids are perfect for theme parties, birthday parties, camping and as aroma-proof storage in the fridge. What are you waiting for? Order your My Lids today and bring even more cheer to the table! :)