Ingredients for 10 persons

Basic recipe for macarons

ground almonds
egg white
1 pinch
icing sugar

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung

Step 1

Chop almonds very fine and strain through a sieve.

Step 2

Slightly beat the egg white a pinch of salt. Add icing sugar spoon by spoon and beat until very firm. Fold in the ground almonds - the dough will become a little softer then.

Step 3

According to your choice off taste add special ingredients.


10 drops of red food coloring


10 drops of green food coloring and 2 tbsp of ground pistachio


2 tbsp of cacao powder


10 drops of yellow food coloring (or maybe yellow and green mixed)

Step 4

Apply the dough on the macaron baking matt. The mixture should dissolve a bit so that there are no tips anymore.

Step 5

Preheat the oven to 80°C. Meanwhile let the macarons rest for about 20 mins to dry the surface a bit.

Step 6

Bake/Dry macarons for about 20 mins in the oven until the have a dry and firm surface.

Step 7

According to your choice of color prepare a filling and spout between two halfs of macarons.


Combine 120g soft butter, 20g of icing sugar and 80g of raspberry-gelee to a firm mixture.


Combine 50g of ground pistachio, 150g  of marzipan, 5 tbsp of almond liqueur and 2 tbsp of coconut flakes.


Warm 120g of dark chokolate and combine with 100ml of cream. Let cool down for a few moments.


Combine 120g of soft butter, 80g of icing sugar and 2 tbsp of lime syrup.