Mediterranean White Bread

approx. 160-minutes incl. proving and baking time

Ingredients for Mediterranean white bread

650 g
30 g
fresh yeast
1 tsp.
420 ml
lukewarm water
2 tbsp.
olive oil
1-2 tsp.
sea salt
30 g
dried and chopped tomatoes
30 g
chopped black olives
1/2 tsp. each
rosemary, thyme, oregano (chopped)

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung

Step 1:

Dissolve the yeast in 50ml of water and let it sit for approx. 10 minutes.

Step 2:

Pour the flour into a bowl and mix it with the salt and spices. Add the yeast mixture, the rest of the water and the olive oil and knead the ingredients into a smooth dough. Cover the dough and let it prove in a warm place for approx. 45 mins.

Step 3:

Add the tomatoes and olives to the dough and knead it again. Place the dough into the baking mould and let it prove for another approx. 45 mins. until it has doubled in size.

Step 4:

Bake the bread in a preheated oven at 180 -C top and bottom heat for approx. 50 min. Place a bowl of water in the oven to do this.


Mix the olive oil with a little lemon juice in a small bowl and dip the bread slices into it.