Stuffed Duck Burger Patties

45 minutes

Ingredients for 6 patties

960 g
minced duck meat
50 g
onions, in fine cubes
50 g
carrots, in fine cubes
50 g
apples, in fine cubes
orange, zests and juice
1 tsp.
salt and pepper

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung

Step 1

Mince the duck meat with a meat mincer and season it with salt and pepper.

Step 2

For the filling mix onion cubes, carrot cubes an dapple cubes and season them to taste with mugwort, salt, pepper, orange zests and orange juice. Preheat the oven.

Step 3

Fill the patty press with 100g minced duck meat and form the lower burger patty part. Then add the filling up to the rim.

Step 4

Fill the big burger patty form with 60 g minced meat and press it over the lower burger patty part. Smooth out the edges if necessary.

Step 5

Sear the patties in a hot pan and finish the cooking in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. If you like you can cook them longer.