Ingredients for about 2,5 L of soup

Ingredients for the soup

4 tbsp
canola oil
big onion (about 150g)
lemon grass
0,5 - 1 tbsp
red curry paste
chillies (or less or more)
hokkaido pumpkin
0,5 L
orange juice
100 ml
sweet chili sauce
1-1,2 L
coconut cream
0,5 L
vegetable stock
3 tbsp
soy sauce
to your taste
salt, pepper, sugar
for garnish
fresh coriander, roasted peanuts, fine chilli rings

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung

Step 1

Heat 4 tablespoons of oil in a large pot. Cut onions, ginger and pumpkin into cubes. (Cut chillies finely if necessary.)

Step 2

Sweat onions and ginger (and chillies) in a pot. Beat the lemongrass with the back of a knife and add to the mixture. Sweat over medium heat for a few minutes.

Step 3

Add 1 tablespoon of red curry paste and sweat for 1-2 minutes, then add the sliced pumpkin and fry for a few minutes.

Step 4

Deglaze with half a litre of orange juice and bring to the boil briefly. Then add the coconut milk, vegetable stock, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce and banana and boil for 30 minutes over medium heat.

Step 5

Puree the soup and season to taste with salt, pepper and sugar.

Step 6

After serving, the soup can be garnished with fresh coriander, roasted peanuts and fine chilli rings.