Vegetable Sushi: Radish Tamago Cucumber Carrot Avocado

Ingredients for sushi

Ingredients for sushi

1,5 - 2 cups
sushi rice, raw
according to the recipe
salt and sushi vinegar
1 - 2
small carrot
1 - 2
3 - 4

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung


The amount of sushi that can be made from vegetables depends greatly on the size and shape of the vegetables. It is therefore difficult to formulate an exact recipe.

Step 1

Prepare the sushi rice according to the instructions. Prepare the tamago.

Step 2

Cut the radish with the catto into vegetable strips. Also cut avocado into pieces and cucumber and carrot into sticks.

Step 3

Cover a piece of radish (about 10cm long) with sushi rice. Then add the tamago, avocado, cucumber and carrot to the rice and roll everything into a roll. Make sure that a piece of radish remains free, which overlaps and closes the roll.