Peach & Nectarine Shake

approx. 15 minutes

Ingredients for 4 shakes

1 litre
fully ripe peaches
fully ripe nectarines
sugar (to taste)

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung


The shake can be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a more summery dessert. If the milkshake is too pale, then use a little saffron to add a pop of colour to the glass.


The fruit pulp, which also contains valuable ingredients, can also be processed with the other ingredients in a shake. For this, collect the so-called pulp in a bowl.

Step 1:

Wash, drain, peel the peaches and nectarines and cut into wedges so that they fit into the screw of the juicer.

Step 2:

Gradually pass the pieces of fruit through the juicer.

Step 3:

To finish, thoroughly stir the juice with the pulp and the milk.