Ingredients for ten persons/portions

For the Melon-Mint-Shrub

Cantaloupe Melon
Cane sugar
Mint leaves
White wine vinegar max. 6% acidity

For one lemonade

6 cl
Melon-Mint Shrub
20 cl
soda water
mint branch
Ice cubes 20x20mm

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung

Prepare shrub

Cut the melon into small pieces and put it in a bowl with the sugar, stir, cover and let it steep for two hours. Fill the mint and vinegar into the preserving jar and add the resulting liquid (only the liquid) from the maceration of the melon. Let it stand in the fridge for a week. Taste until the mint aroma fits. Then remove the mint leaves.

Step 1

Fill glass with 20x20mm Ice Cubes.

Step 2

Pour Shrub with soda water and stir.

Step 3

Beat mint twig and garnish.