Ingredients for one juice

Ingredients for one juice

salt and pepper
some drops
olive oil

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Carrot-Paprika Juice

TIP: A few drops of olive oil go very well with this juice. This is also important in order to optimally absorb certain carrot ingredients from the body.

The high potassium content of the peppers contributes to the dehydration of the body. In addition to other important ingredients such as magnesium, zinc and calcium, the paprika scores particularly highly for its high vitamin C content, which supports the body in its defence against infections. In addition, there are the so-called "flavonoids", which have a high antioxidant effect. In this function they work, just like vitamin C, as radical scavengers in our body and can reduce the risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The carrot is best known for its high beta-carotene content: With its 7.6mg, 100g carrots contain a dose that far exceeds the daily recommendation of 2.0-4.0 mg. Beta-carotene is a provitamin A that has an antioxidant effect by intercepting harmful oxygen radicals. It can be converted in the body into biologically active retinol (vitamin A), which is important for vision, growth and nerve conduction. The body can build vitamin A from beta-carotene. It only uses as much of the food as it can convert. An overdose is therefore not possible. Beta-carotene belongs to the carotenoids which are classified as secondary plant substances.
TIP: In order to be able to take up fat-soluble Vitamine better, juices with carrot portion should be added always few drops of a high-quality vegetable oil. Particularly suitable are, for example, cold-pressed oils such as nut oil or olive oil, which support the taste of the juice.

The recipe

For this juice you need about 15-20 g carrot and 25-30 g paprika. Cut both into small pieces and add to the Base&Soul Slowjuicer. The juice can be seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil.