Ingredients for one juice

Ingredients for one juice

some needles

Schritt für Schritt - Anleitung

Pear-Rosmary Juice

Juices are usually only known to us in combinations of fruit and vegetables. This variant produces a mixture of pear and rosemary - an interesting combination that goes very well together.

In addition to dominant active ingredients such as magnesium, folic acid and calcium, pears also contain a large amount of potassium, which has a dehydrating effect on the body. Pears contain vitamin C, which strengthens our immune system. They are also rich in pectin, which stimulates intestinal activity.

Rosemary, especially its essential oils, are said to support mental health and increase the ability to think and remember. They also have an antibacterial, detoxifying, antispasmodic and relaxing effect. The ingredient camphor stimulates circulation and increases blood pressure. The component cineol is anti-inflammatory.

The recipe

For a small glass of juice we need about 35 g pear and some rosemary needles. Juice both together, the rosemary taste is released into the pear juice.