Ingredients for one juice

Ingredients for one juice


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Pomegranate-Apple-Beetroot Juice

Both the apple and the pomegranate are among the healthiest fruits because they contain a whole "package" of vitamins and nutrients. Their health-promoting substances benefit our immune system above all.

With its antioxidants, the pomegranate strengthens our immune system, is anti-inflammatory and vitalising.

With its numerous vitamins and minerals, the apple is a true miracle of health. It supplies our body with vitamin C, which has an antioxidant effect and also promotes iron absorption. The proportion of dietary fibre pectin, which promotes healthy intestinal function, is very high in apples. With a recommended amount of 30g fibre per day, 100g apple already contain 10.1g. The apple contains valuable flavonoids, which belong to the secondary plant substances. They have an antioxidant effect and reduce the risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Beetroot really has it in it. The Power tuber is rich in vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and iron. The natural pigment betaine, which is responsible for the intense red colour, also protects the heart and blood vessels. Betaine, a form of choline, a so-called vitaminoid (vitamin-like substance), is said to help increase performance. Beetroot also contains nitrate, which can strengthen muscle strength. It dilates the blood vessels so that blood pressure can be lowered.

The recipe

Add 10 g pomegranate seeds, 20 g apple cubes and 10-15 g beetroot cubes to the Base&Soul Slowjuicer.