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LURCH - A family business

In the fascinating world of LURCH, tradition and innovation merge to create a unique kitchen experience. As a family business, we proudly look back on decades in which we have had a decisive influence on cooking and baking culture. Our fresh ideas and innovative products not only reflect the latest kitchen technology, but also the lifeblood of a passionate community that stands for quality, functionality and timeless design. Since our founding in 1995, we have been committed to healthy nutrition and sustainable products. Every product is developed with love and care at the Hildesheim location - a statement for longevity, environmental awareness and culinary freedom. Under the motto "Made for Generations", we strive to create kitchen products that connect generations and pass on the joy of cooking forever. Become part of the LURCH family and discover how cooking and baking become a sensual experience with our products. Ignite your culinary passion and be LURCH!

Our values

LURCH embodies the highest values in function, quality, innovation, emotion, design and sustainability. These elements form the heart of our brand and are reflected in every product that stands for longevity, innovation and joy in the kitchen.


To develop a successful product, it is crucial that it works properly. At LURCH, we attach great importance to creating products that people can use in everyday life. That's why we test our products intensively and also use them in our own four walls. Only if we are completely convinced of the function of a product does it receive our trademark and go on sale.


We place the highest value on the workmanship and material quality of our products. That's why we carefully select the best materials for the respective application to ensure optimal functionality and maximum longevity. Before sale, we subject each product to a final quality test to ensure that you can enjoy your LURCH product for a long time and that it reliably supports you in the kitchen.


Our development department is constantly working not only to improve existing products, but also to come up with completely new solutions that make work in the kitchen easier. Innovative products are regularly created that enable new cooking and baking techniques and support creativity and diversity in modern nutritional trends.


Cooking and baking is an emotional experience. It is creative and the dishes prepared stimulate our senses in many ways. We see our products as an important part of this experience. Our goal is that you always enjoy using our products and that they make a positive contribution to your kitchen. A LURCH product should not only work, but also bring joy!

Lurch Barzubehör für die professionelle Hausbar


"Design follows function" is an important principle that also determines our design language. That's why we give our products a timeless design that is not only an end in itself, but also best supports the respective function. The combination of attractive color themes creates LURCH products that blend unobtrusively into their surroundings and impress with their functionality.

Flexiform Backformen Qualitätsmerkmale


Our products do not require electricity, as the careful preparation of sustainably produced food through manual processing is a matter close to our hearts. The production of LURCH products is not aimed at quick results, but at maximum longevity, even if this results in a slightly higher price. We produce sustainably in strict compliance with environmental and social standards, not out of compulsion, but because it corresponds to our values.

Our story

Since our founding in Hildesheim in 1995, we at LURCH have focused on developing kitchen products of the highest quality and functionality. Our journey through innovation and creativity continues to continue to offer you first-class products for your kitchen.

In 1995 LURCH GmbH & Co. KG founded in beautiful Harsum near Hildesheim.

In 1997 LURCH brought the “Spirali” onto the market, the first commercial spiral cutter, causing a revolution in creative cuisine.

In 1998 LURCH presented the first safety can opener. This allows cans to be opened hygienically with little effort. There are also no sharp edges. The LURCH product range receives nationwide attention through the popular cooking show “Kochduell”.

In 1999 LURCH revolutionized the world of baking with the blue FLEXI®FORM silicone baking molds made of 100% premium platinum silicone and continues to set standards today.

2002 LURCH was the first company in Germany to introduce kitchen graters sharpened using the photo-etching process. Today known under the label “RazorTech”.

In 2003 the likeable chef Tim Mälzer became the Germans' favorite. The “All-in-One” kitchen tongs and other LURCH products are popular co-stars in the cooking shows.

In 2005 LURCH AG celebrates its tenth anniversary.

With the orange peeler, LURCH 2006 once again invents a practical product and also produces it “Made in Germany”.

In 2008 the well-known television chef Johann Lafer gets his own LURCH spiral cutter with an individual label.

2009 LURCH introduces numerous ice cube molds made from 100% premium platinum silicone. These are popular among professionals and home users alike due to their versatility. The original FLEXI®FORM silicone baking molds are celebrating their tenth anniversary and changing their color from blue to brown.

At the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt 2010 LURCH presents the first “My Lid” collection with creative motifs.

2014 LURCH presents the new “BLACK TOOLS” kitchen helpers made from 100% premium platinum silicone and a sturdy nylon core for scratch-free work in coated pans and pots.

In 2015 LURCH is upping the ante on kitchen helpers and launching its own series made of stainless steel with ergonomic handles, the elegant “TANGO TOOLS”.

2016 the original Flexi®Form silicone baking moulds get a new and contemporary appearance. (The imagery of the packaging and recipes meets the taste of the customers.) At the same time, LURCH is triggering a real hype in local bakeries with the topic of “baking bread”.

In 2017 LURCH is reinventing itself. New packaging, new imagery, new shop design concept, etc. At the same time, LURCH once again meets the tastes of its customers with the theme “Best of Burger” and inspires them with baking molds, recipes and accessories.

2018 LURCH released the first manual multi-system "BASE & SOUL" with three different functional parts (drum grater, rotary grinder, slow juicer).

LURCH conquers the hearts of customers and German specialist retailers in 2019 with the colorful insulated bottles in the “milkbottle design”.

In 2020 LURCH is massively expanding the “TO-GO” range to include additional insulated bottles (shape, color and function), insulated cups, lunch boxes and many other highlights. In the same year, LURCH became the first German company in the industry to publish a virtual showroom. This gives our customers the opportunity to get an overview of our products and shopfitting concepts online.

2021/22 LURCH is expanding the range, creating additional jobs and expanding the warehouse by 2,500 square meters. A new, 100m² showroom with kitchen is being built in the warehouse, which will serve as a virtual tour and as a photo and video studio.

A modern workshop for the product development department will be set up directly next to the new showroom in 2022. The show kitchen will be the location for the new interactive product presentation with a presenter. The resulting video recordings will be prepared for the online shop and for innovative use with VR glasses and a 55" touchscreen for the 2023 trade fair.

In 2023 LURCH will surprise trade fair visitors and customers with a large bar collection in smokey gray, new colorful “SMART TOOLS” with “UV ProTech” surface treatment and other practical kitchen helpers.

At the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt, VR glasses are being successfully used for the first time in combination with the new interactive product show and the virtual showroom for waiting visitors.