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Cooking with LURCH: The perfect combination of creativity, freshness and healthy nutrition. Discover first-class kitchen appliances and kitchen tools for every occasion. With our innovative products, we bring joy and variety to your kitchen. Experience the ease and quality of cooking with well-functioning appliances that go beyond the ordinary standard. In addition to the classic kitchen gadgets, we at LURCH also offer special and innovative products for special applications in the kitchen. Cooking should not be a tedious chore, but a pleasure and part of your quality of life. Let our products and our corporate philosophy convince you.

Our bestsellers for cooking

LURCH Spiralizers

Creative cooking ideas made easy

Convince yourself of our high-quality spiralizers for creative salads, main dishes and desserts. With the revolutionary Catto slicer and the innovative Twister for scooping out fruit and vegetables, we offer you the right tool for every requirement. We have been pioneers in "creative cutting" with the LURCH Spirali since 1997. Whether vegetable spaghetti, courgette noodles, potato spirals or vegetable sushi - our powerless kitchen helpers are simply perfect. Give your creativity free rein and discover new culinary possibilities with our high-quality spiral cutters.

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LURCH Vegetable Slicers

Efficient and effortless cutting of vegetables

Our versatile vegetable slicers make it easy for you to prepare your dishes. With the pull-rope chopper and multi-shredder, you can effortlessly chop vegetables, fruit, herbs and nuts. The vegetable slicers allow you to cut precise slices and strips, while our chopper helps you chop ingredients. For those who love garlic, we offer a practical garlic slicer. And with our sticks and dice cutter, you can create even sticks and dices in no time. The efficiency and precision of our vegetable slicers will make your kitchen work noticeably easier.

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LURCH Graters

Perfect results thanks to incomparable sharpness

With our high-quality graters, you can process your ingredients effortlessly. With drum, square and hand graters, you can whip up delicious salads and grate Parmesan or nuts in no time. Our Base & Soul drum grater is ideal for stationary kitchen use with interchangeable grating inserts. The sharp RazorTech blades of our graters cut everything effortlessly. Cook with our high-quality graters and get the best results in your kitchen.

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LURCH Spice Mills

Grinding and grating a wide variety of ingredients is a breeze with our TANGO grinders. From salt to pepper, nutmeg, chilli to chocolate - we have the right mill. With ergonomic handles, timeless design and high-quality ceramic or stainless steel grinders, our mills are convincing in terms of quality and functionality. The salt and pepper mills offer infinitely adjustable ceramic grinders for precise results. The chilli and chocolate mills have integrated RazorTech cutting discs made of stainless steel for even grinding. Our nutmeg grinder gives you precise dosing thanks to the stainless steel RazorTech cutting disc. We also offer a robust and antibacterial porcelain mortar with pestles for traditionalists. Discover the variety of our mills and enjoy the highest quality in grinding and grating.

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LURCH Silicone Kitchen Tools

More cooking fun

Our innovative Silicone Kitchen Tools make cooking and baking in the kitchen easier. With the heat-resistant SMART TOOLS such as whisks, spatulas, pastry brushes and more, preparing your favourite dishes is child's play. The flexible and non-stick properties make them ideal for any type of coated cookware. Made from 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, our Kitchen Tools are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Experience more advantages of these practical Kitchen Helpers and get to know a new side of cooking.

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LURCH Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools

For preparing, cooking and baking

The TANGO TOOLS are for all those who prefer to work with kitchen gadgets made of stainless steel. Timeless elegance meets maximum functionality. That's exactly how kitchen gadgets should be. They are made of stainless steel and ergonomically shaped handles made of high-quality and insulating plastic. The TANGO TOOLS are comfortable to hold and really fun to work with! The range of this series is very extensive. From the conventional cooking spoon, spatula or whisk to the potato masher, matching sieves, graters and tongs, you will find almost everything you need in your kitchen here.

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LURCH Bamboo Kitchen Tools

Natural beauty in the kitchen

Discover our eco-friendly Bamboo Kitchen Tools, including chopping boards, cutlery boxes and organiser boxes in various sizes. Our bamboo products are not only sustainable, but also durable and hygienic. The cutting boards offer a robust surface for safely cutting food, while the cutlery boxes create order and clarity in the kitchen drawer. With the practical organiser boxes made of bamboo, you are well organised in the kitchen, office and home. Experience the natural beauty and functionality of our bamboo kitchen helpers and design your living space sustainably.

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LURCH Knives and Chopping Boards

Sharp, hygienic and practical

LURCH stands for precision and convenience in the kitchen: Discover our high-quality knives with sharp stainless steel blades and ergonomic plastic handles. Combine them with our versatile chopping boards made of partly triple-glued bamboo or flexible plastic for an optimal cutting experience. Our knives give you maximum sharpness and control, while the chopping boards provide a durable and hygienic surface for cutting fruit, vegetables, meat or bread. Put the finishing touches on your cooking with our premium knives and chopping boards.

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LURCH Cooking Tongs and Grill Tongs

Safe handling of your ingredients

Safe handling and versatility in your kitchen: Discover our high-quality stainless steel cooking tongs and grill tongs. With or without a silicone tip, they offer you the perfect combination of durability and protection for your coated pans and pots. Whether grilling or in the kitchen, our tongs allow you to easily and precisely grip meat, vegetables and more. Their robust construction and ergonomic design offer you a pleasant cooking experience.

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LURCH Kochzangen aus Edelstahl mit Silikon oder Nylon

LURCH Peelers

Precise peeling of fruit and vegetables

Our versatile peelers and economy peelers allow you to effortlessly prepare your favourite dishes. Our range includes the efficient asparagus peeler, the practical apple peeler, the precise orange peeler, the versatile julienne peeler and the handy garlic peeler. With these high-quality kitchen gadgets, you can peel fruit and vegetables in no time at all. Discover the ease and efficiency of our peelers and experience a new dimension in cooking.

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LURCH Juicer and Corer

Easy processing of fruit and vegetables

With LURCH kitchen accessories, you can effortlessly process your ingredients into juice, jam, compote, puree, chutney, dessert or liqueur. Our selection includes the small SQUEASY citrus juicer, a larger citrus juicer with container and lid as well as the Base & Soul Slow Juicer for versatile juicing. The range is completed by pineapple slicers, apple dividers and corers as well as a stalk remover. Also check out the stainless steel Twister for precise coring for subsequent filling.

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More LURCH Kitchen Tools

Clever and fast cooking results

With the high-quality Kitchen Tools from LURCH, you will succeed in your daily kitchen chores and the preparation of diverse dishes in no time at all. From delicious salads to opulent main courses and tempting desserts - you can simply cook anything with our powerless kitchen gadgets. Our products guarantee effortless cutting, slicing, peeling, stirring, juicing and mastering all kitchen tasks. And if you need inspiration for your next meal, visit our extensive recipe portal and discover a variety of ideas for delicious creations.

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