LURCH Burgerbun and Hotdog Moulds made of silicone for first-class results

We offer high-quality baking moulds for burger buns, hot dogs, bagels and sausages made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone! They are free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS, so you can enjoy your treats without worrying. All moulds have a fine-pored surface with great non-stick properties, are heat-resistant and easy to clean. With each baking mould you can make several buns, bagels or even sausages - ideal for every barbecue and garden party!

LURCH BurgerBun baking mould made of silicone (L)

with a diameter of 10 cm

With the burger bun mould, you can make perfect burger buns in no time at all. The FLEXI®FORM is made of food-safe Premium-Platinum-Silicone, is heat-resistant, tasteless and easy to clean. It allows you to make six burger buns of the same size with a diameter of 10 cm. The fine-pored surface has a natural non-stick effect that makes additional greasing unnecessary. For creative recipe ideas, various burger bun variations such as curry bun, foccacia bun, fried onion bun or lye bun are freely available in our recipe world. The mould is dishwasher-safe and temperature-resistant from -40°C to +240°C.

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LURCH BurgerBun baking mould made of silicone (M)

with a diameter of 8,5 cm

The FLEXI®FORM Burger Bun (M) greatly simplifies the preparation of perfect hamburger buns. This high-quality mould made of 100% premium platinum silicone allows you to make six equally sized burger buns with a diameter of 8.5 cm and a height of 3 cm. Thanks to its excellent non-stick properties, no additional greasing is required and it is easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Like all LURCH baking dishes, this one is food-safe, heat-resistant and even resistant to sourdough and fruit acid. In addition to the classic hamburger bun recipes, it offers room for creative variations such as curry bun, foccacia bun, roasted onion bun and lye bun. Let your creativity run wild and create perfectly matched buns for your burger patties.

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LURCH BurgerBun baking mould made of silicone (S)

with a diameter of 6,3 cm

Perfect burgers require perfect buns, and with the original FLEXI®FORM for burger buns, this is achieved in no time at all. The mould allows you to easily make six equally sized burger buns, each with a diameter of 6.3 centimetres and a height of 3 centimetres. Made of 100% premium platinum silicone, it is food-safe and heat-resistant up to 240°C. Thanks to its maximum non-stick effect, no additional greasing is necessary and removing the delicious burger buns is child's play. In our enclosed recipe booklet, you'll find recipes for classic hamburger buns and sourdough buns to match the baking tin. Discover your creative side with recipes like Curry Bun, Foccacia Bun, Roasted Onion Bun and Pretzel Bun. Enjoy your burgers and patties in perfect harmony.

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LURCH Hot dog Bun baking mould (M)

for six delicious hotdog buns

Hotdogs are at least as popular as burgers and can be prepared just as effortlessly with our HotdogBun baking mould. With simple ingredients like flour, water, yeast, sugar and salt, you'll have perfect hotdog buns in no time. Try out different ingredients, be creative and discover new taste variations. There is no reason to eat tasteless hotdog buns from the supermarket. Our FLEXI®FORM baking mould is made of high-quality Premium-Platinum-Silicone and offers space for up to six 12.8 x 5 cm buns. Your loved ones will be thrilled!

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LURCH Silicone HotdogBun baking mould (L)

for five large hotdog buns

With our hotdog baking mould made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, you can bake five perfect hotdog buns at the same time! The excellent baking properties, maximum non-stick effect and high energy conductivity ensure consistently best results. The baked buns measure 14.5 x 4.6 cm and offer plenty of space for sausages and garnishes. The mould is free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS, food safe, tasteless, resistant to fruit acid and dishwasher safe. Surprise your guests with homemade hot dogs the next time they visit!

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LURCH sausage silicone mould Wursti-Maker

for vegetarian and vegan sausages

Our Wursti-Maker is the ultimate sausage mould for vegetarian and vegan sausage alternatives. There are now countless meat substitutes in the supermarkets. Among them are burger patties and sausages. These are usually disproportionately expensive and the ingredients are often not what you want to eat. If you want to be safe when it comes to ingredients, then make your own vegetarian sausages. Season them to your taste and then simply cook them in a pot of hot water. With the Wursti-Maker, you can quickly and easily make 8 sausages at the same time. With the help of the stable mould made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone, you get perfect sausages. Sautéed briefly, they are the highlight of every hot dog and barbecue.

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LURCH Bagels & Cronuts baking mould made of silicone

for four pastries at the same time

With the FLEXI®FORM for bagels & cronuts, you can easily make these popular round pastries with a hole in the middle. It has room for four bagels or cronuts and, thanks to our recipes, eliminates the need to pre-cook the bagel dough. Whether sweet or savoury, let your creativity run wild and top your bagels with jam, cottage cheese, honey or savoury ingredients such as cheese, sausage, salmon and fresh vegetables. The cronut, a cross between a croissant and a bagel, is a trendy American pastry and an energy-rich snack. Enjoy your homemade bagels and cronuts warm from the oven and start the day full of energy.

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LURCH Mini Batzen silicone mould

The set of 6 for mini-sized breads

Conjure up up to six delicious breads in mini format with the Mini Batzen baking moulds. These are suitable for a picnic in the park as well as for a barbecue in the garden. Our FLEXI®FORM silicone moulds have a fine-pored surface that ensures your breads don't stick to the mould. Temperatures of up to 240°C are no problem for our moulds. The excellent heat conductivity ensures an all-round even crust and a fluffy interior. Simply delicious! We also use only high-quality Premium-Platinum-Silicone for these baking moulds.

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