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LURCH holiday burger

Completely homemade. COMPLETELY. For Christmas. And New Year's Eve .

We bake the most delicious buns, grill or fry (perhaps even on the raclette at the table) perfect patties, and everyone creates their own dream burger.
Simple - delicious - stress-free and everyone is there. As inspiration, here are two 3-course menus that meet every holiday requirement.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Not Raclette again? Tongue ragout is out and no one can see the turkey anymore? How about burgers this Christmas?

This is not only surprising, but also really delicious - and to celebrate the day we have prepared two complete recipes for you: either Quiche Lorraine as a starter, followed by a stuffed duck burger as a main course and a classic apple pie as a dessert or a fresh salmon tartare as a starter, followed by truffle burger as a main course and strawberry cheesecake as dessert. No matter what you choose: friends and relatives will be raving about this Christmas menu for a long time!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Christmas menu

Welcome to our festive Christmas menu that offers you a heavenly culinary journey. To start, we serve a quickly prepared quiche, followed by our highlight: the delicious Christmas burger. This combines the hearty flavors of an orange mayonnaise, red cabbage salad and a stuffed duck burger patty on a crispy potato bun. Finally, a tempting apple cake awaits you, crowned with an ice-cold scoop of vanilla ice cream. A truly festive dessert that will make this holiday season unforgettable.

New Year's Eve menu

A warm welcome to our New Year's Eve! Start with a delicious light starter, the exquisite Salmon Tartare, to delight your guests on this festive evening. Our special New Year's Eve burger is a culinary masterpiece: a filled burger patty with a tempting truffle cream, spicy Gruyère, mushrooms and fresh truffle zest. And to top it all off, we serve a tasty cheesecake with fresh strawberries that will put a bright smile on everyone's face. Enjoy this festive menu and welcome the New Year with exquisite taste!

The right equipment for your holiday burgers

A holiday burger requires the right tools. Our original Flexi®Form baking molds made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone are an indispensable jewel in the art of burgers. The Base & Soul meat mincer is ideal for lean poultry and beef as well as for shortbread cookies in four different shapes. And the burger press makes it easier for you to make perfect burger patties. All kitchen tools taken together are the ultimate choice for your burger creations.