LURCH Spice Mills for perfect results

Our TANGO Spice Mills offer the perfect grinding and grating solution for a wide range of ingredients. From salt, pepper and nutmeg to chilli and chocolate - we have the right mill. With an ergonomic handle, timeless design and high-quality grinding mechanism made of ceramic or stainless steel, our mills impress in terms of quality and functionality. The salt and pepper mills offer a continuously adjustable ceramic grinder for precise results. The chilli mill and chocolate mill have an integrated RazorTech cutting disc made of stainless steel for even grinding. Our nutmeg grinder gives you precise dosing thanks to the stainless steel RazorTech cutting disc. For those who prefer the traditional way, we also offer a mortar and pestle made of robust and antibacterial porcelain. With this you can prepare spices, herbs and many other ingredients in a variety of flavours. Discover the variety of our mills and enjoy the pleasure of grinding and grating in the highest quality.

Frequently asked questions about LURCH Spice Mills

  • We have several types of Spice Mills in our range. These include a salt mill and a pepper mill with ceramic grinding mechanism, a chilli and chocolate mill with RazorTech cutting disc, a nutmeg mill with RazorTech cutting disc and a mortar with pestle.

  • Spice Mills usually have a ceramic or steel grinder that grinds, grates or cuts the spices. By turning the mill, the spices are ground and can be finely dosed. Only mortars and pestles do not have a grinder - manual power is required here.

  • Our Spice Mills with ceramic grinders offer you an adjustable and infinitely variable grind. This is set using a wheel on the top. This guarantees the production of consistently precise results.

  • Of course our Spice Mills can be refilled. You can simply unscrew them above the transparent container and refill your grindings. This way you can always see how many spices are left in the mill.

  • The Spice Mills available from us have been developed for the most popular types of grind. For example, the salt and pepper mills have been equipped with a ceramic grinder and the chilli, chocolate or nutmeg mills with a steel grinder with a RazorTech blade. Each type of grinder has its advantages. We therefore recommend using the spice mill that matches the grind.