Guide | Be creative, fit and healthy

Be creative, fit and healthy with recipes from LURCH

Promote performance and well-being through healthy nutrition and exercise. With LURCH products you will discover the joy of creative and healthy cooking. Develop an understanding of delicious dishes using diverse, fresh ingredients and spices. Simple preparation meets delicious taste - go ahead and see for yourself!

The way you cook and eat is how you feel

Healthy eating for better performance and well-being

Exercise and a balanced diet are the key to a creative and healthy lifestyle. Together with LURCH you will discover how fresh and versatile ingredients and spices make dishes delicious. Enjoy easy-to-prepare, tasty meals and become a kitchen artist yourself!

Be creative with fresh ingredients, because homemade food enables conscious eating. What is in industrially produced food is often known. Avoid sugary drinks; Water, plain or with fruit twists, should be your main drink. Homemade berry syrup mixed with water is a delicious, healthy refreshing drink. Athletes recommend 60/40 - 60% fitness responsibility lies in nutrition and 40% in sport. Exercise, whether running, going to the gym or dancing, is also crucial when it comes to a healthy diet.

We wish you health, because without it everything is nothing. Healthy eating does not require asceticism. Follow a few rules, trust your common sense - your body will thank you.

Gesunde und kreative Rezepte

Recipes for a healthy diet

Create delicious, healthy meals in 30 minutes or less! From vegetable wraps to gorgonzola pears in a serrano coating, LURCH offers inspiring recipes for uncomplicated, delicious meals that will spice up your kitchen in no time.

The right kitchen helper for every purpose!

Effortlessly transform fruit, vegetables or potatoes into tasty variations - be it vegetable spaghetti, tornado skewers or curly fries. Discover the creativity of healthy cooking with our versatile vegetable cutters, ranging from vegetable slicers to drum graters to dicing and stick cutting. Experience a new dimension of taste!


The best food processor for healthy dishes

Use the LURCH spiralizer to transform fruit, vegetables or potatoes into tasty vegetable spaghetti, tornado skewers or curly fries with gentle pressure. The tornado blade, the extra thick curly fries blade and the fine spaghetti blade enable variable cutting thicknesses for zucchini, carrots, apples, cucumbers, celery, beets, pears, radishes and eggplants.

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Catto Veggie Sheeter

Endless lanes of fruit and vegetables

With the LURCH Veggie Sheeter Catto you can conjure up low-carbohydrate endless strips of zucchini, radish and more. Creative and healthy cooking made easy. Replace pasta, create cannelloni from kohlrabi or sushi, and discover new culinary possibilities. The instructions with recipes offer inspiration. Compact, stable and easy to clean.

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Base & Soul drum grater

Three inserts for different purposes

The LURCH drum grater delivers perfect results! Versatile for nuts, hard cheese, fruit, vegetables, chocolate and more. Fast, multifunctional and efficient, it makes kitchen work much easier. Equipped with three ultra-sharp RazorTech blades for precise cutting and grating.

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KUBUS Multi dicer

Even cutting of cubes, sticks and wedges

Process vegetables and fruit quickly and effectively: Perfect for party sticks, homemade fries or cake apples. Simply insert vegetables, press with the lid - in no time at all you can create sticks and cubes made of cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, apples and more.

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Cuts thick spirals and hollows out fruits and vegetables

The LURCH Twister creates even cavities and at the same time wraps the hollowed out interior around the stainless steel rod. With this kitchen tool you can create the basis for recipes with delicious fruit or vegetable fillings. Whether raw, cooked or steamed – a completely new taste experience awaits you.

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