LURCH graters for effective work in the kitchen

In the kitchen, a wide variety of ingredients are processed into delicious dishes every day. Whether grating, grating, slicing or cutting - with the right kitchen tool, it is not only easier and more effective, it is also more fun. LURCH offers an extensive selection of high-quality graters that have been specially developed for effective work in the kitchen. From hobby cooks to professionals - everyone will find exactly what they want. Fine, medium, large or 2-way - our ultra-sharp RazorTech graters get everything out of your ingredients! Discover the perfect combination of functionality, quality and style for your culinary creations.

LURCH square grater

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LURCH Manual Drum Grater

Graters for easy processing of your food

The LURCH Manual Drum Grater is the perfect all-round grater for your kitchen. With its robust base unit and removable functional unit, it offers you versatile cutting options for all kinds of ingredients. Thanks to the three included cutting drums made of high-quality stainless steel, you can produce even slices, coarse rasps or fine rasps. The extremely sharp blades guarantee the best cutting results without tearing. The Drum Grater is driven by a solid hand crank, does not need electricity, is self-explanatory to use and easy to clean. All materials are free of BPA, PTFE and PFAS. The basic unit can also be combined with other functional units (e.g. Rotary Grinder or Slow Juicer). With this versatile Grater, you save time and achieve perfect results when processing your food.

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LURCH Square Grater

Our versatile Square Grater offers different grating variations on all four sides as well as an additional 2-way grating surface. All blades have been sharpened with the revolutionary RazorTech etching process and ensure optimal cutting results. For example, the fine grater can be used to process chocolate, cheese and citrus peel, while the medium and coarse graters are ideal for carrots, potatoes and hard cheese. The disc blade works wonderfully for precisely slicing cucumbers, carrots and radishes. The Square Grater also scores with a solid stainless steel handle, compact dimensions and high-quality materials. It is BPA-free, food-safe and easy to clean. You have never prepared your favourite dishes so easily. LURCH Square Grater.

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TANGO Graters of the RT34 Series

The graters of the TANGO RT34 series are made of high-quality stainless steel and have a wide grating surface that can transform hard cheese, nuts, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms into different grating sizes in just a few moments. The graters are available in fine, medium and 2-way cutting thicknesses and enable fast and efficient work. The special RazorTech process (RT) ensures long-lasting sharpness of the blades. Safety from injury during storage is ensured by the safety cover supplied. The popular TANGO graters of the RT34 series are also distinguished by useful features such as an ergonomic plastic handle, a practical suspension eye and a rubberised foot for non-slip working. A matching finger guard is optionally available.

TANGO Graters of the RT40 series

With the four TANGO graters of the RT40 series you can process lemon peel, spices, cheese, vegetables, chocolate, nuts and much more. We offer them in the following versions: fine, 2-way, duo fine+medium and coarse. With the 2-way grater, you can cut your food into even rasps without settling. The coarse grater, on the other hand, allows you to process raw vegetable salads and chocolate. The blades of the RT40 graters have also been sharpened by the acid etching process and guarantee the best cutting results. These hand graters also offer an ergonomic handle with suspension eye and a non-slip base for safe working. A matching finger guard is optionally available. Convince yourself of the versatility and quality of the TANGO graters for effortless chopping and grating in the kitchen.

In addition to the graters just mentioned, you will find many other high-quality and versatile models such as Parmesan, Julienne or nutmeg graters in our extensive range.

Frequently asked questions about LURCH Graters

  • To choose a grater, you should first ask yourself what ingredients you mainly want to process with it. For example, coarse graters are good for hard vegetables and cheese, while fine graters are good for citrus fruits, spices, chocolate or nutmeg.

  • We have different types of graters in our range. These include a drum grater, a square grater and numerous hand graters from the RT series. The drum grater is excellent for various cutting and rasping tasks, while square graters offer several grating options per side. Hand graters are particularly suitable for fine grating and zesting and are easy to store.

  • If you want to cut or grate vegetables, drum graters and square graters as well as various RazorTech hand graters with coarse or medium blades are suitable.

  • A grater should generally be cleaned after each use. The best way to do this is with a brush or sponge under running water. Cleaning in the dishwasher is not advisable, as the cleaners used are usually too aggressive and can negatively affect the sharpness of the blades.

  • Of course you can. Most graters can be used for chocolate and nuts. However, you will get the best results with graters that are specially designed for this purpose and that also provide you with the desired cutting thickness.

  • The sharper the blades of your grater, the better. Only with a sharp blade can you cut or grate efficiently and safely. LURCH graters with RazorTech (RT) blades are extremely sharp and deliver consistently good cutting results for a long time.

  • As our graters are very sharp, you should make sure that your fingers are not near the blades. The use of a rest holder or cut-resistant gloves is recommended.

  • As our graters are very sharp, you should make sure that your fingers are not near the blades. The use of a rest holder or cut-resistant gloves is recommended.