LURCH Spiralizer - make your own delicious zoodles, spirals and vegetable noodles

Welcome to the fascinating world of vegetable noodles, zoodles and spirals! Here you will find the best and most popular spiralizers on the market. Embark on a culinary journey and find valuable tips and creative recipes for preparing healthy vegetable noodles. Expand your menu with delicious fruit and vegetable spirals that you can create with ease and precision with our premium products. LURCH spiral slicers and the innovative Catto vegetable slicer bring balance to the table and will delight your family and guests with colourful side dishes or even main courses. Discover the limitless possibilities our manual spiral slicers offer you and enjoy a new way of cooking.

LURCH Super-Spiralizer

Creative variety for your kitchen

With its adjustable tornado blade, our Super Spiralizer is hard to beat. It allows you to prepare tornado potatoes in individual thicknesses as well as to attach/wind them onto the included skewers of fruit and vegetables while cutting. The LURCH Super Spiralizer has three sharp blade inserts made of stainless steel: one adjustable disc blade for spirals, one insert for 4mm and one for 2mm zoodles. The four built-in suction feet ensure a stable stand and the hand crank ensures power-free operation. It is easy to clean and made of high-quality, food-safe materials. This vegetable slicer opens up endless possibilities for creative dishes with zoodles and tornado spirals. Get this all-rounder to prepare even more varied meals.

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LURCH Spiralizer 10317

The classic

The popular LURCH Spiralizer 10317 is the modern counterpart of the former "Spirali" from 1995 and has been an integral part of our range since 2011. With its timeless design and compact dimensions, this model offers you versatility and variety in your kitchen. It is also equipped with three sharp blade inserts and allows you to prepare even spirals as well as 3mm and 2mm thick zoodles. The other advantages of this spiral slicer include four practical suction feet for solid stability, independence from electricity with the manual crank drive, easy cleaning, sharp stainless steel blades and high-quality, food-safe materials. With this vegetable slicer, cooking becomes an experience.

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LURCH Catto vegetable slicer

With the Catto vegetable slicer, we have pushed the boundaries of creativity and possibilities yet again. This innovative device allows you to slice fruit and vegetables into thin endless sheets and create impressive dishes such as stuffed cannelloni with kohlrabi, courgette lasagne or vegetable sushi. The LURCH Catto offers numerous advantages, including a razor-sharp blade attachment for even webs up to ten centimetres wide, four suction feet for stability, a hand crank for operation without electricity, compact dimensions for easy storage and easy cleaning. The vegetable slicer is made of high-quality and food-safe materials and has a stainless steel blade. With this kitchen appliance, you can bring a unique cutting experience into your kitchen..

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LURCH Twister fruit and vegetable slicer

Let's twist again! Yes, that's right...Twisting is the name of the game here. Our LURCH Twister is our most compact fruit and vegetable slicer that can be used for scooping fruit and vegetables as well as for cutting spirals. With its four easily interchangeable drilling attachments, it allows you to implement many new recipe ideas. The Twister is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes in a transparent transport box. It is suitable for all firm types of fruit and vegetables and offers easy and quick cleaning. The fruit and vegetable slicer is food-safe, tasteless and works completely without electricity. Simply attach the desired cutting attachment, snap it into place and turn it loose. With its versatile functions and practical features, the Twister will quickly become an indispensable kitchen helper that you won't want to do without.

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What types of vegetables and fruit can be processed with a spiral slicer?

The following types of vegetables can be easily processed with a spiral slicer. In addition, the listed vegetables provide lots of valuable ingredients and also look good on your plate in terms of colour.

1. Courgette

Zucchini is one of the most popular vegetables. It has a high water content, few calories, many minerals and trace elements and is easy to prepare. Courgettes are ideal for low-carb dishes such as zoodles. You can find recipes with courgette in our recipe world.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber also has a high water content, few calories, many vitamins and numerous minerals. It is suitable for raw vegetable salads and can also be sautéed well with enough salt. For spiralising, you should use organic cucumbers with untreated skin if possible.

3. Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is characterised by its mild taste, tender flesh and richness in vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories, keeps its shape and can be cut into vegetable noodles and spirals with the LURCH spiral slicer. Perfect for raw vegetable salads.

4. Potato

The potato is one of the favourites in German kitchens. It has many carbohydrates, few calories and fills you up quickly. Like many other vegetables, it consists of up to 80% water and contains useful fibre and protein. In addition, the potato can be wonderfully cut into spirals. For example, for potato tornadoes.

5. Turnip

Turnips are full of good ingredients. They are low in calories and are excellent in the form of vegetable noodles as a snack. Their taste is reminiscent of carrots or kohlrabi. Fresh and crunchy. Ideal for weight loss and for athletes.

6. Radish

The radish is popular because of its spicy flavour. Use it to give your dishes the finishing touch. It offers valuable ingredients such as numerous vitamins and minerals. In expert circles it is considered a true health root. It is low in calories and carbohydrates and good for weight loss. Radish zoodles are also a great snack against the small hunger in between.

7. Parsnip

The parsnip is a popular winter vegetable and is a staple food, especially in Europe. Parsnip tastes slightly spicy-sweet and is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins C and B. It also contains minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. It also contains minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. The vegetable's firm consistency makes it easy to cut into spirals or vegetable noodles with the LURCH spiralizer.

8. Celeriac

Celeriac is a root vegetable weighing up to 600 g with an intensely spicy flavour. The vegetable is ideal for soups and stews. But puree, chips and vegetable spaghetti with the spiral slicer are also popular recipe ideas. Celeriac contains essential oils, iron, vitamins and calcium. These make it a real enrichment to your diet.

9. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a typical autumn vegetable. The butternut squash in particular is wonderfully suitable for processing with the spiral slicer due to its consistency. Gluten-free low carb pasta is particularly popular. Butternut squash is easy to process and serve as a side dish or even a main course. It has more calories than other types of pumpkin, is low in fat and rich in vitamins A and C as well as the minerals magnesium, calcium and potassium.

10. Red beetroot

The beet captivates with its pleasant sweet-earthy note and its juicy-crunchy flesh. Thanks to its firm consistency, beet is wonderfully suitable for processing with the spiral slicer. The tuber is rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium. A real power vegetable.

11. Sweet potato

The sweet potato has a subtle sweet taste and is rich in fiber, beta-carotene and vitamin E. It contains fewer calories than our native potatoes, but in return has more fructose. The sweet potato contains various minerals such as zinc, calcium and potassium and can be processed very well with the spiral cutter due to its very firm consistency.

12. Carrot

Carrots taste delicious, are particularly low in calories and rich in vitamins A, B and C. Minerals and trace elements are also contained in abundance in the orange carrot vegetable. Due to their firm consistency, large-diameter carrots can be processed relatively well with a spiralizer. However, our LURCH Twister is more suitable for small and medium-sized specimens.

Of course, this list can be extended by many more vegetables. And we have not yet mentioned fruit varieties such as apples or pears at this point. Just try out different types of fruits and vegetables with our spiralizers. Let your creativity run wild!

Frequently asked questions about LURCH spiralizers

  • Our Spiralizers are practical kitchen appliances that use sharp blades and a manual crank mechanism to cut fruit and vegetables into decorative spirals or vegetable noodles. The procedure is as follows:

    • Preparation: Buy fresh and crunchy vegetables or fruit. Wash them thoroughly and remove the outer skin if necessary. With organic ingredients, it should be possible to eat the peel after cleaning it first. The peel adds more colour to your dishes.
    • Clamping: Select a cutting insert and place it in your spiral slicer. Now fix the prepared cut material with the help of the fixing aid on the side of the blade insert and with the help of the spikes on the crank slide.
    • Press and turn: Now apply light and even pressure to the crank slide and start turning the crank. This guides the vegetables or fruit against the blade insert and through the sharp blades.
    • Cutting result: While you press and turn, the blade cuts the vegetables or fruit into thin, spiral or spaghetti-shaped strips (also called zoodles). With both LURCH spiral slicer models you can cut spirals and vegetable noodles. They only differ in their diameter or an adjustable spiral blade.
    • Finishing: Crank your food until it is all cut into spirals or vegetable noodles. Make sure you follow the safety instructions of the appliance to avoid injury. The blades are very sharp.

    After you've finished processing your ingredients, you can use the delicious vegetable or fruit spirals for a variety of creative dishes. Whether as a healthy side dish, in salads, as an ingredient in soups or even as a creative garnish. LURCH Spiralizers are easy to use and allow you to express your culinary creativity and create spectacular presentations on the plates of your family and guests. In our recipe portal you will find numerous recipes for Spiralizers.

  • LURCH spiralizers offer several advantages at once. The biggest advantages are the simple and quick preparation of healthy meals without electricity, the appealing presentation of dishes and the possibility of achieving different cutting results. Spirals and zoodles in variable thicknesses and lengths are worth mentioning here.

  • With our spiralizers you can create different patterns such as spirals, zoodles or vegetable strips (catto). This gives you a wide range of possibilities to design your dishes and give free rein to your creativity in the kitchen.

  • Cleaning our spiralizers is usually very easy. All models are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned under running water with a little soap. You should clean the sharp blades and knife inserts carefully by hand with a brush. This is the only way to keep them sharp for a long time. WARNING: Very sharp!!

  • The spiralizer available here are all user-friendly and do not require any special skills. However, you should read the enclosed instructions for safety reasons. Cutting vegetables and fruit is effortless with our kitchen appliances.

  • We have different models of spiral slicers in our range. Each model has certain special features that set it apart from the others. From varying zoodle thicknesses, to an adjustable "tornado blade" for variable vegetable spirals or even whole lanes of fruit and vegetables. Choose a model that suits your needs and requirements and get started.

  • Spiral slicers are NOT suitable for cutting meat. They are primarily designed for processing fruit and vegetables. For the preparation of meat, you should use our sharp knives or the manual Base & Soul rotary grinder.

  • If you like to cut vegetable spirals in individual thickness, then you should take a look at our super spiral slicer. The thickness/thickness of the vegetable spirals can be adjusted by hand with the help of an adjusting screw.

  • We have compiled a large number of delicious and creative spiral slicer recipes for you in our recipe portal. Get inspired and try out the most popular zoodle recipes with different sauces, vegetable noodle salads or decorative fruit and vegetable side dishes.

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