LURCH pastry presses for biscuits, biscuits and piped pastries

Welcome to the magical world of baking with the LURCH biscuit presses! Our manual rotary grinders are perfect for making endless quantities of delicious Christmas biscuits. With a simple hand crank and a biscuit attachment including pattern pusher, you can whip up to four different biscuit shapes. The tempting biscuits come out of the oven fresh in no time, tray by tray. You have full control over the desired length of the biscuits, just the way you like it. The LURCH rotary mincer is the ideal companion for the Christmas season! For even more variety in the patterns, you should also treat yourself to the practical biscuit press. With it, you can create up to nine different biscuit shapes and then decorate them attractively with the included eight nozzles. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the magical baking pleasure!

LURCH Base&Soul rotary mincer for biscuits in a row

Shortbread biscuits non-stop

The LURCH Base&Soul rotary mincer enables you to work highly efficiently. With its sturdy mechanism and ultra-strong suction base, it stands stably and processes even firm doughs with ease. You can easily disassemble and clean the rotary mincer. It is not only suitable for making shortbread, but also for preparing minced meat. With the included biscuit attachment, you can create up to four different biscuit designs. The rotary mincer works effortlessly and without electricity. It is the right kitchen helper to produce a continuous stream of biscuits during the Christmas season. Dive into the world of baking and experience creative baking moments with the LURCH Base&Soul rotary grinder!

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LURCH rotary mincer aubergine for delicious piped pastries

The classic for delicious shortbread

The Christmas season is a busy time in the bakery - but that's no problem with the Aubergine rotary mincer. Without any electricity, you can whip up delicious shortbread in no time at all. The robust mechanism and the ultra-strong suction foot ensure maximum efficiency and stability, even with firm dough. With the pastry attachment, you can choose between four different shapes and even process lean poultry or beef. The rotary mincer is easy to disassemble and clean, and meets the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. Discover baking pleasure at its best!

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LURCH biscuit press

for creative biscuits and decorations

The LURCH biscuit press opens up completely new possibilities for making and decorating biscuits. The smell of freshly baked biscuits fills the house and awakens fond memories. With this biscuit press, baking biscuits is child's play. Choose one of the nine beautifully shaped discs, fill the transparent container with dough and press the practical lever. The evenly shaped biscuits land directly on your baking tray. In just a few minutes, you'll have enough delicious biscuits for the oven. Get creative and decorate your biscuits like a pastry chef. Turn your treats into sweet works of art that are also ideal for giving as gifts. With LURCH, baking becomes child's play!

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