LURCH stainless steel lunch boxes for healthy meals on the go

With the lunch boxes from LURCH, you can take your delicious sandwiches, salads, snacks and hot meals everywhere and store them safely. All lunch boxes and containers are made of high-quality stainless steel and designed for everyday use. You can get them in different sizes, colours, shapes and functions. From single-walled lunch boxes with food separator to double-walled, leak-proof and lacquered - we have the right lunch box for you for every application. Our products are all BPA-free, food safe and taste and odour neutral.

Iso-Pot 2.0 EDS 500ml

LURCH's foldabe Airtight box "up & down"

Available in two sizes and three colours

The foldable "up & down" food storage boxes offer a space-saving and leak-proof solution for storing your prepared food. Made from premium platinum silicone and high-quality plastic, they are microwave-safe and easy to clean. Their flexibility means they fit into any cupboard, while the sturdy plastic base ensures stability. The boxes can be sealed airtight with four clips, making them suitable as transport boxes. Available in sizes 800 ml and 1200 ml and in the colours petrol, frozen pink and frozen blue, they are food-safe, tasteless and free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS.

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LURCH lunch boxes double-wall

With double-wall insulation keep fresh for a long time

Our round insulated lunch boxes are available in two sizes and three trendy colours. The lunch boxes are made of robust stainless steel and impress with their timeless and elegant look. Thanks to the proven double-wall insulation, the temperature inside the box is kept constant for a long time. Your food is well protected and tastes delicious and fresh even after hours. Our stainless steel is free from harmful substances such as BPA or microplastics and is suitable for storing all types of food.

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LURCH stainless steel lunch boxes classic

Classic and sustainably packaged!

You don't want to have a plastic lunch box anymore and are looking for a more sustainable way to store your food? With our classic stainless steel lunch boxes, we offer you durable products with strong features and multiple functions. Our lunch boxes are available in four practical sizes and with individual features. The small 100 ml dressing box has a leak-proof lid, the 350 ml snack box offers enough space for a sandwich, the 600 ml lunch box and 1200 ml salad box have a variable food separator for separating your food and a silicone retaining strap. The band ensures an even tighter fit of the lid. In these lunch boxes, you can take your food everywhere without worrying.

LURCH Lunchbox Safety

Made of stainless steel - leak-proof, airtight with vacuum valve

The Lunchbox Safety is ideal for safely storing food that has already been prepared and for transporting it from A to B. The lunchboxes are leak-proof, airtight and can be safely stored in the larder or refrigerator. The lunch boxes are leak-proof, airtight and can be stored in the larder, fridge or freezer without hesitation. The stainless steel lunch boxes are designed to be stacked and stored easily. The transparent lids are made of BPA-free polypropylene and have a practical vacuum valve for easy opening. The boxes are food-safe, neutral in taste and odour and dishwasher-safe. Real all-rounders.

LURCH Lunchbox Snap

Made of stainless steel - leak-proof with metal closures

Our Snap lunch boxes are made of robust stainless steel and have solid metal closures, silicone seals and flexible, removable food dividers. So your snacks always stay in place. The Snap lunch boxes are available in three practical sizes: 800 ml1200 ml and 1400 ml. They are absolutely leak-proof, BPA-free, food-safe and neutral in taste and smell. This makes them ideal for transporting and storing your food.


Keeps hot or cold for up to 12 hours and is leak-proof

We've redesigned our ISO-POT 2 from the ground up. The new, straightforward design features an extra-large opening that allows you to eat directly from the container. It is absolutely leak-proof and suitable for the daily transport of hot and cold food. The proven double-wall insulation and the sophisticated lid system keep your food hot or cold for up to twelve hours. The lid has a practical carrying handle that allows you to transport the Iso-Pot comfortably. A flexible holder on the POT ensures that you always have the cutlery of your choice at hand. To ensure that your POT has a firm footing even on slippery surfaces, we have provided the underside with BPA-free silicone. The ISO-POT 2 is a reliable everyday companion and a real eye-catcher.


For the safe transport of hot and cold food

The LURCH ISO-POT is the clever solution for varied and delicious food on the go. The double-walled insulated container keeps food and drinks hot or cold and fresh for up to 12 hours. Ideal for soups, pasta dishes, salads, stews, muesli, fruit, juices and more. The ISO-POT accompanies you everywhere, be it on the train, camping, picnic, at university or when travelling. It is also perfect for baby food. You can also enjoy your hot coffee directly from the integrated mug and save the environment and your wallet. Available in the sizes 450 ml and 680 ml.

LURCH Mini tins

Made of stainless steel in a set of 3

Do you want to keep your snacks fresh and safe on the go? Then these stainless steel mini moulds are the perfect solution for you! The set consists of three stainless steel moulds of different sizes (100 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml). This means that both small and large snacks can be stored safely and taken along. Thanks to the airtight and leak-proof silicone lid, your snacks stay fresh and safely stored for longer. The mini moulds can be stacked inside each other to save space and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Enjoy your snacks at home and on the go to the fullest!

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Frequently asked questions about stainless steel lunch boxes from LURCH

  • The Snap, Safety and Iso-Pot lunch boxes are reliably leak-proof. Depending on the model, the lids are made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel or BPA-free polypropylene. The seals of the lunch boxes are made of food-safe silicone.

  • Stainless steel lunch boxes are ideal for transporting and storing food. They are free of harmful substances such as BPA, PTFE, PFAS or microplastics. Stainless steel moulds are hygienic, tasteless and odourless, easy to clean and have a long shelf life. This makes them sustainable.

  • We have chosen stainless steel as the material for our lunch boxes. This saves packaging waste, is hygienic, easy to clean and durable. Stainless steel containers are a clever alternative to the classic plastic lunch box.

  • This depends on whether the lunchbox is for a child or an adult. For school lunches, 350 ml, 500 ml or 600 ml are ideal. For an adult, it should be 800 ml, 1200 ml or 1400 ml. We have the right lunch box for small and large appetites.

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