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Snack To-Go recipes for on the go

Fast, tasty and healthy

The hunger in between - it always comes up when you are at work or on the road.

WOften you are not prepared and have to find something to eat on the fly. There is usually not enough time for a balanced meal ... You quickly find yourself in the nearest fast food shop, snack bar or supermarket around the corner. Pizza, burgers, kebabs or pre-packaged snacks - the choice is huge.

Without question, fast food consumption is very convenient. But it's not uncommon to have a guilty conscience after a meal, because you know that this type of diet is high in calories and also quite unhealthy.


But a healthier, still tasty diet is not that difficult. The secret to success is "rethinking" and learning in small steps to approach your diet more consciously. This does not mean that you have to drastically change your diet and that you are not allowed to "sin" now and then. However, if you question some eating habits more critically and discard them, you have already made a start towards a better diet:

Can you still enjoy a pre-packed sandwich when you know how much salt, fat and additives are in it?

Does fast food really fill you up or does it even lead to cravings?

Do you really save time if you have to choose something first and then stand in a queue for an unnecessarily long time?

The fact is that ready-made meals are very expensive. Wouldn't it be nicer to use your money more effectively?

Why not try the delicious, healthy alternative: make it yourself & take it with you


Fresh snacks from your own kitchen are not that time-consuming and often much cheaper because you can buy the ingredients in larger quantities. It's ideal if you can transform basic ingredients into different snacks in just a few steps. This not only saves time and money, but also awakens your creativity!

We have developed some great recipes for you so that you can get started on a healthy, delicious diet. You'll soon see that fresh preparation is not only easy and fun, but also how varied your SNACKS TO-GO can be. A crunchy filled wrap, a homemade bagel that you can fill to your own taste. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas ...

Lunchboxes for your Snack To-Go recipes

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising. We start planning our holidays and day trips and what we need for them. We've put together the perfect lunch boxes for our delicious snack to-go recipes. Take a closer look at the 12 delicious snack recipes. Then you'll see which snack box is best for which recipe.