LURCH glass markers in bright colors for parties and everyday life

"Is that my glass or your glass?" I'm sure you had to ask that question at the last garden party. It's even wilder at children's birthday parties. But you don't have to resort to sticky notes and plastic cups. Our LURCH glass marker clip set includes 12 different colored clips that make it easy to mark glasses and cups. So marked even the smallest guests at the children's birthday party find their glass and there is no more confusion. Also with the 12 colorful Fancy Rings glass markers glasses and cups can be easily marked on the stem or rim - confusion is impossible. The clips are made of food-safe plastic and the Fancy Rings are made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone. They are dishwasher safe and BPA, PTFE and PFAS free. But that's not all - the colorful clips can also seal bags in your pantry or freezer. Practical helpers for parties and children's birthday parties!

Practical glass markers as clips and Fancy Rings against confusion

The Fancy Rings and glass marker clips are the ideal accessories for parties, celebrations and everyday life. With their help, mix-ups of glasses and cups are a thing of the past and you can concentrate fully on enjoying your drinks. The high-quality materials and versatile uses make the Fancy Rings and Clips a must-have for every household. So grab your set of 12 Fancy Rings or Clips, each in twelve different colours, and discover the solution to the problem of glass mix-ups. Simply attach the glass marker to the rim or stem and the glass is clearly yours. No more mix-ups!

LURCH glass marker clips

As a set in twelve bright colours

With the glass marker clips made of high-quality plastic, you can not only mark jars, but also seal bags in your storage cupboard or freezer. This way you can keep track of your food and avoid the annoying search for suitable clips.

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LURCH Fancy Rings silicone glass markers

As a set in twelve bright colours

The Fancy Rings glass markers are made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, are dishwasher safe and free of BPA, PTFE and PFAS. You can use them without hesitation for direct contact with food. They are also absolutely food-safe and tasteless, so they won't affect the taste of your drinks. The Fancy Rings glass markers are a hit especially at children's birthday parties. The colourful motifs and the possibility to individually mark your own glass are fun for the children and prevent mix-ups. So the little guests can celebrate carefree and you don't have to worry about chaotic drinking bouts anymore. Both sets ensure fun and order at parties and children's birthday parties and are a great addition to your household.

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LURCH Silicone crown corks

Protect your drinks from insects and dirt

The LURCH silicone crown corks are perfect companions for summer parties in the garden. They protect your drinks from annoying insects because they close the bottles securely. With twelve different colours, you can mark your bottles to avoid confusion. These crown caps also provide an airtight seal, keeping your drinks fresh for longer. Enjoy your drinks in the green without worrying and bring more colour to your summer parties with these practical silicone crown caps.

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