LURCH Juicers and Citrus Squeezers - Fresh & healthy juice without electricity

Here you will find manual juicers and citrus presses that allow you to extract fresh and healthy juices without electricity. So you can enjoy the taste of nature to the fullest. Whether it's oranges, lemons or other citrus fruits, LURCH juicers and citrus presses are designed to get the most out of them. Without the need for a power supply, they use the pure energy of your muscles to extract the juice. Immerse yourself in this world of natural pleasure and enjoy every sip and every cocktail.

LURCH Base & Soul Slow Juicer

Gentle cold juicing of ingredients

The Base & Soul Slow Juicer is a manual cold juicer that allows you to juice fruit, hard vegetables, nuts and wheatgrass effortlessly. This versatile device opens up a whole new world of possibilities and taste experiences. Whether you want to prepare fresh juices, nutritious green smoothies or delicious nut milks, the Base & Soul Slow Juicer provides you with the perfect solution. Its efficient design and easy handling make juicing a pleasure.

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LURCH SQUEASY citrus juicer

For fresh juices directly into the glass

The SQUEASY citrus juicer is the ideal helper when things need to be done quickly. With this practical press, you can juice limes, lemons and small oranges for cocktails and refreshing drinks in no time at all. Whether you want to mix a delicious margarita or give your water a sparkling taste, the SQUEASY citrus juicer makes it quick and easy. Its efficient design and easy handling make juicing a breeze.

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LURCH citrus juicer with spout

Enables effortless juicing of fruit

The LURCH citrus juicer with spout offers you the perfect solution for effortlessly juicing large citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes. This classic juicer offers you an easy and efficient way to extract the fresh juice from the juicy fruits. With its practical spout, you can pour the juice directly into glasses or other containers without spilling. Enjoy the full flavour of the citrus fruits and experience the refreshing aroma in every sip.

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