LURCH Silicone Kitchen Tools for cooking, baking and frying

Experience the perfect solution for an effortless cooking, baking and roasting experience with our high-quality Silicone Kitchen Tools. Made from 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, they offer you numerous advantages that will revolutionise your kitchen work. Thanks to their scratch-free properties, you can work in coated pans and pots without hesitation. All kitchen utensils are non-stick and uncoated, making cooking a breeze. They withstand temperatures from -20°C to +220°C, are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and are a pleasure to care for. They are available in attractive colours and the unique UV ProTech® surface treatment, which reliably protects against discolouration. LURCH Silicone Kitchen Tools have always been completely free of BPA, PTFE and PFAS and offer you unparalleled quality and functionality for your kitchen.

Silicone Kitchen Tools are ideal companions for effortless cooking, baking and frying

In the modern kitchen, first-class Kitchen Tools are indispensable for cooking, baking and frying efficiently and comfortably. Among the various materials, Kitchen Tools made of silicone have proven to be a popular choice. Find out below why our Kitchen Tools are the ideal addition to your kitchen equipment. From their outstanding properties to their versatility, they offer numerous benefits that will take your cooking experience to the next level.

High-quality Premium-Platinum-Silicone

Our Kitchen Tools are made from 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, which is characterised by first-class quality, durability and food-safe properties, among other things. It is free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, PTFE and PFAS, guaranteeing healthy preparation of your dishes.

Scratch-free work in pots and pans

With the LURCH Silicone Kitchen Tools, you no longer have to worry about scratches in your coated pots and pans. The material is scratch-free and allows you to work safely and gently in your cooking utensils without damaging the surfaces.

Comfortable handling thanks to ergonomic handles

Many classic Kitchen Tools, such as the Smart Tools, are equipped with ergonomic handles that offer you a secure and comfortable grip while working in the kitchen. The solid nylon core provides additional stability and prevents the handles from bending or breaking. Quality you can feel.

High heat resistance for every cooking situation

With us, you will only find Silicone Kitchen Tools that are extremely heat-resistant and can even withstand temperatures from -20°C to +220°C without any problems. Whether you want to cook, bake or fry, these kitchen gadgets are ready for any challenge and ensure safe and intuitive use.

Non-stick without coating for effortless kitchen work

The surfaces of the Silicone Kitchen Tools have non-stick properties without any coating. This feature makes cooking and baking easy and effortless. No more annoying sticking of food! From now on, you can easily turn, stir or serve your dishes without anything sticking to them.

Easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher

Cleaning the Kitchen Tools made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone almost takes care of itself. You can easily clean them by hand with warm soapy water or put them in the dishwasher. The high-quality silicone surface is particularly easy to clean and remains spotless even after many cleaning processes.

Bright colours for individual kitchens

Our Silicone Kitchen Tools come in up to six attractive colours. We think it's time to bring colour back into the kitchen. Colourful Kitchen Tools like the Smart Tools are not only functional and convenient to use, but also make a real visual impression. They score points with an improved surface texture that refines and smoothes the open-pored structure of the silicone with the help of an innovative UV radiation technique. This smoothing makes it impossible for colour-intensive food such as ginger, tomato sauce, carrots etc. to leave discolouration on it. UV ProTech - Simply ingenious!

Frequently asked questions about LURCH Silicone kitchen gadgets

  • Cleaning is very easy. It's best to use warm water and a little washing-up liquid to clean the Kitchen Tools and then rinse them thoroughly. Alternatively, you can also put our Silicone Kitchen Tools in the dishwasher.

  • Yes, most Silicone Kitchen Tools can be used in the microwave without any problems. They are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +220°C. Please check the manufacturer's instructions to make sure that the specific Kitchen Tools are microwaveable. Caution is advised here only when using certain oils (e.g. olive oil), as these can be heated very strongly.

  • LURCH Silicone Kitchen Tools are very durable. They are robust and resistant to cracking, deformation and discolouration. With proper use and care, they can maintain their function and quality for a long time.

  • Yes, Silicone Kitchen Tools are environmentally friendly. They are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, PTFE and PFAS that can be found in some other materials. Silicone is a sustainable and recyclable material that has a long lifespan. This makes these kitchen helpers an eco-friendly choice for your kitchen.

  • No. Our Premium-Platinum-Silicone is absolutely harmless and is used not only in the food industry but also in medical technology. Silicone is also the non-plus-ultra for baby care products such as pacifiers, baby bottle teats or hoses for fully automatic coffee machines. Silicone is used wherever hygiene is the top priority.