LURCH Barworld - Professional bar accessories, ice cube moulds & recipes for your home bar

Welcome to the exquisite bar world of LURCH! Bring the ultimate bar experience home and become a master mixologist with our products and recipes. We offer you a wide range of ice cube moulds made of flexible Premium-Platinum-Silicone that will satisfy even the most demanding wishes. With them, you can create perfect ice cubes and scoops in different sizes that will turn your drinks into real eye-catchers. But that's not all - our range also includes professional bar accessories such as cocktail shakers, bar spoons, ice buckets, jiggers, stainless steel straws, juicers, citrus presses and much more to help you create fresh and delicious cocktails. And when the cocktail or garden party comes around, your drinks will be reliably protected against insects and impurities with the help of the charming "My Lid" motif silicone lids. Our colourful glass markers made of silicone and plastic also ensure a good "who owns what" overview so that your glasses can't get mixed up. In short: "With us you'll find everything you need to conjure up the best drinks in the world!" And if you need more inspiration on what cocktails to mix for yourself and your friends, our recipe book with cocktail recipes and other helpful mixing tips is just what you need.

Our bestsellers at the bar and for every party

LURCH Bar Tools

Mixing professional cocktails and drinks yourself

We are proud of our extensive collection of professional bar tools for your own home bar! With over twenty high quality products including cocktail shakers, bar spoons, cocktail cups, jiggers, bar pestles, ice buckets, straws and much more, you'll be well equipped to make perfect cocktails at home. And so that you don't miss any ideas for delicious drinks, we have a comprehensive book with delicious cocktail recipes for you. Enter the world of cocktail mixing and impress your guests with professional barware and creative creations!

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Lurch Barzubehör für die professionelle Hausbar

LURCH Silicone ice cube moulds

Perfect ice cubes and ice balls for your drinks

We offer the largest selection and variety of high-quality ice cube moulds made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone! Our moulds are non-stick and offer a first-class alternative to coated versions. With or without lids, in vibrant colours and free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS, they meet the highest quality standards. Perfect for every drink, from cocktails to refreshing drinks. Create ice cubes and ice balls in different sizes and give your drinks that certain something. Enter a world of colours and flavours!

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Lurch Eiswürfelformen aus Silikon

LURCH Juicers and citrus presses

For fruity cocktails, drinks and drinks

In the world of healthy and sustainable juicing, our Base & Soul Slow Juicer is in the premier league. It is the ultimate manual cold juicer. It makes fresh juice shots from fruit, hard vegetables, nuts and even wheatgrass a delight without minimising nutrient density. For those in a hurry, our SQUEASY citrus juicer is the right choice. Effortlessly juice limes, lemons and smaller oranges for refreshing cocktails and drinks. With our citrus juicer, you can also easily juice large citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons by hand and then portion them out with the practical spout. Pure taste and vitality - anytime and anywhere.

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LURCH My lid glass covers

The popular "My Lid" glass covers are the perfect solution for protecting your drinks from annoying insects, pollen and unwanted mix-ups. Whether on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, these glass covers made of high-quality premium platinum silicone are not only functional but also stylish. Choose from a variety of cool colours and motifs while benefiting from BPA-free and food-safe quality. Best of all, they're even dishwasher safe! Get the "My Lid" now and enjoy carefree summer moments.

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Lurch Glasabdeckungen aus Silikon mit Motiven

LURCH Silicone and plastic glass markers

Marking your drinks has never been easier

Probably the most versatile glass markers on the market! With the twelve fancy rings and clips in different colours and shapes, marking glasses is child's play. Whether for parties or children's birthday parties, the markers can be easily attached to the glass rim or stem. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, they ensure hygienic enjoyment. Each clip set contains 12 clips in different colours that are not only suitable for marking glasses and cups, but can also be used as practical closing clips for bags. Mixing up drinks is now a thing of the past!

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Lurch Glasmarkierer aus Silikon und Kunststoff

LURCH Drinking straws

Sustainable enjoyment

Discover our stylish drinking straws made of high-quality stainless steel and silicone! Ideal for the carefree enjoyment of all kinds of drinks, cocktails and long drinks. No more waste thanks to reusability. With their great look and easy cleaning, they are a must-have in every household. Choose from two sizes, shapes and multiple colours to match your personal style. The flexible cleaning rod always ensures spotless cleanliness. Ideal for kids, the flexible drinking straws are made from Premium-Platinum-Silicone and come in three trendy colours. Experience a new way to drink sustainably!

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