LURCH corer and juicer for effortless processing of fruits and vegetables

Electricity free juicers, citrus presses and corers for healthy juice enjoyment. All products on this page have been developed and tested for fruit and vegetable juice fans. If homemade juices are as important to you as they are to us, you've come to the right place! Find out how you can save electricity and money with LURCH appliances and counter rising energy and food prices. Even when processing fruits and vegetables, you can save time and money without electricity. Our reliable juicers and practical corers make your work easier. Get excited and discover them now!

LURCH SQUEAZY citrus juicer

The LURCH SQUEAZY citrus juicer is a handy solution for effortless citrus juicing without electricity. Simply place a halved fruit in the press and squeeze it with the hand lever. The juice obtained can be poured precisely into a glass of your choice using the spout on the rim. This citrus juicer is ideal for making fruit juices and cocktails. It offers numerous advantages, including a high juice yield with little effort, a convenient spout for accurate pouring, compact dimensions for easy storage, easy cleaning and works without electricity.

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LURCH Juicer

The LURCH manual juicer, also known as Base & Soul Slow Juicer, is characterized by its simple operation. With a sturdy hand crank and a little muscle power, the juicer is driven, allowing even hard vegetables to be processed effortlessly. A great advantage of our juicer is the gentle processing of ingredients, which preserves all ingredients and juices can be used optimally. The Base&Soul juicer also offers other advantages such as the ability to juice fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs, a robust base unit with removable functional unit, maximum juice yield and gentle processing, optional additional functional parts such as drum grater and rotary mincer, dishwasher-safe functional parts and powerless operation. This reliable juicer is perfect for making delicious juices and juice shots every day and can also help you lose weight.

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LURCH Citrus juicer with spout

This citrus juicer with spout allows you to juice citrus fruits effortlessly. By cutting the fruit in half and turning with pressure, the juice is extracted and fed through small openings into the transparent collecting cup with spout. The transparent cup has an easy-to-read 400 ml scale and a lid, making it easy to measure out and store the juice. The benefits of this citrus juicer include high juice yield with little effort, convenient spout for precise dosing, matching lid for safe transport, 400 ml scale for better measurement, easy cleaning and powerless operation. Enjoy fresh citrus juice with ease and convenience.

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Corer for scooping and coring fruits and vegetables

With us you get the most practical kitchen tools for coring and scooping fruits and vegetables. They are self-explanatory, easy to use and completely electricity-free. We are convinced that using manual tools without electricity makes the most sense. The pineapple slicer, apple corer, cherry corer, stem remover and LURCH Twister are all easy to use and deliver great results with minimal effort. When you come across delicious recipes that require coring or scooping, our thoughtfully designed kitchen tools will make your job a whole lot easier. Learn how easy it can be and discover them now. Make cooking easier and more efficient with LURCH corers.

LURCH Twister

Scooping out fruit and vegetables made easy

With the first-class LURCH Twister made of stainless steel, scooping out fruits and vegetables becomes child's play. This makes this kitchen tool perfect for delicious fillings, and it works completely without electricity. It simultaneously cuts decorative spirals and includes four drill bits in different sizes (1.6 cm, 2.3 cm, 2.9 cm and 3.9 cm). The Twister is suitable for all firm fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, kohlrabi, eggplants, onions and much more. With its convenient locking mechanism, it is easy to use. Make your preparation easier and impress your guests with perfectly hollowed and decorated dishes!

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LURCH Cherry Pitter

With the help of our high quality cherry pitter you can easily pit fresh and canned cherries as well as olives. The LURCH Cherry Pitter has a practical push button that allows you to work quickly. The extra large funnel is wonderfully suitable, even for larger quantities of cherries or olives. In addition, there is an integrated collection container, which ensures a clean separation of pulp and pits. Once the job is done, the cherry pitter can go in the dishwasher. Simplify your kitchen work and enjoy pitted cherries and olives without effort.

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LURCH Pineapple Slicer

Experience the practical LURCH pineapple slicer! With this kitchen tool you can easily core, peel and slice pineapple fruit evenly. The pineapple slicer completely removes the flesh from the fruit, while the ultra-sharp blades ensure precise and even slices. The ergonomic handle allows you to work effortlessly. The pineapple slicer consists of a stainless steel tube with cutting unit and a removable handle for easy cleaning. Experience the ease of pineapple preparation with our pineapple slicer!

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LURCH Apple Corer

Our apple corer makes removing the core from apples a breeze! The sharp blades allow you to easily cut out the core, while the convenient cutout allows for effortless removal of the core. With its extra sturdy and robust construction, our TANGO apple corer is durable and reliable. Whether you're coring apples, pears or any other type of fruit, our corer is the ideal choice.

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LURCH Rope Remover

The sensational stalk remover allows you to easily remove stalks from various fruits and vegetables. It is ideal for strawberries, kiwis and tomatoes. With its compact size, it fits nicely in your pants pocket or purse, perfect for picnic fans on the go. After use, you can simply put it in the dishwasher. It is suitable for both left and right-handed users.

Our popular food processors and tools are all suitable for environmentally conscious use thanks to manual drive. Be it in the kitchen at home, the camper, camping or in the garden. With LURCH you work sustainably and get the most out of your ingredients. Always.

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