LURCH silicone ice cube moulds for creative drinks in premium quality

Do you also love to end the evening with a cool drink in your own four walls? Then we have just the thing for you and your home bar! With our popular ice cube moulds made of high-quality silicone, you always have the right ice cubes for your cocktails and drinks. Whether classically square, elegantly round or unusually shaped - we offer a variety of designs that will make your drinks an eye-catcher. But that's not all: our extensive range of bar accessories, including shakers, jiggers and strainers, brings a real professional feeling to your own bar. We also offer a hand-picked selection of cocktail recipes and a cocktail book to inspire your creativity. With us, you can expect an all-round carefree package for unforgettable evenings in your home. Cheers!

LURCH Silicone Ice Cube Moulds with Lid "ICE FORMER ARCTIC“

With ice cubes from our new ice cube moulds Arctic, every drink and every cocktail becomes an eye-catcher! Make even more ice cubes at the same time with the blue ice moulds. You get them in six different versions for ice cubes or ice balls in different sizes. The Arctic ice cube moulds have a lockable lid. This ensures safe transport after filling and protects the water from contamination. These moulds are also made of our high-quality Premium-Platinum-Silicone, are food-safe, neutral in taste, resistant to fruit acid and free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS. Removing the ice cubes is child's play thanks to the excellent non-stick properties. What are you waiting for? Get the arctic freshness at home.

LURCH "ICE FORMER" silicone ice cube moulds with lid

The ICE FORMER is one of our most popular ice cube moulds. Thanks to the single-chamber principle, water and juice freeze faster than in conventional moulds. The transparent lid ensures safe transport, makes stacking easier and prevents the cubes/spheres from getting dirty. We only use high-quality Premium-Platinum-Silicone, which makes it easy to remove the ice cubes. It is also food-safe, neutral in taste, resistant to fruit acids and BPA, PTFE and PFAS-free. The results are almost perfect in form.

LURCH silicone ice cube moulds in bright colours

With our colourful ice cube makers made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone, you can conjure up evenly shaped cubes and scoops. Our material is food-safe, tasteless, fruit acid resistant and free of BPA, PTFE and PFAS. When frozen, the moulds are stable and flexible at the same time. This property makes it much easier to remove the ice cubes. A highlight at every garden party.

LURCH silicone ice cube moulds in classic ice blue

These ice cube moulds have become real classics and are made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone. They are easy to remove from the mould and look simply super. All moulds are food safe, taste neutral, fruit acid resistant and free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS. The strength of our silicone also lies in its stable shape and flexibility when frozen.

Cocktails need ice cubes!

Ice makes drinks better and an eye-catcher

Ice cubes and fruit give every drink that certain something. They serve a purpose depending on their size and shape. Whether as a cube or a ball, large or small, every good cocktail/drink needs a certain amount of ice to "work" – so better to taste.

For laymen, ice is still one of the most underestimated ingredients in a cocktail. Why do you need perfectly shaped ice in a drink? And why is crushed ice from a vending machine or (even worse) an ice pack not enough? We'll get to the bottom of these and other questions here.

Frequently asked questions about ice in cocktails and LURCH silicone ice cube moulds

  • Many inexperienced cocktail connoisseurs ask themselves this question. At the latest at the professional cocktail bar, you start to wonder why exactly the bartender "spoils" the expensive cocktail with so much ice, don't you? What seems like a cheat at first glance has three good reasons:

    • Ice cubes of the right size continuously release melt water, which makes the cocktail even better. The melted water allows the flavours of the spirits in the drink to unfold and ignite new taste sensations.
    • Chilled cocktails taste many times better and more aromatic than warm ones.

    • They also give every drink a better visual look.

    The ice cubes continuously cool the drink with the help of the melted water and thus keep the temperature in the glass constant. The enjoyment is prolonged.

    Cocktails such as the Mai Tai, Cuba Libre, Margarita or Mojito are far too rich in alcohol without ice or melted water and would taste too strongly of spirits. Every good drink needs the right amount of melted water to develop its typical aromas. For this reason, there are also different sizes and shapes of ice cubes.

    • Ice cubes and scoops generally go well with any long drink. The sizes 3 x 3 x 3 cm and 4 x 4 x 4 cm are the most suitable. If you are not quite sure about some drinks, use these cubes. Nothing can go wrong.
    • Large ice cubes and scoops are for cocktails/drinks like the Old Fashioned, Negroni, Scotch or whiskey. These can also be enjoyed chilled. Of course, one can argue about the combination of ice and whiskey - but the right ice cubes can noticeably improve the taste and even emphasise the versatile flavours.
    • Crushed ice is most suitable for daiquiris or caipirinhas, for example. Crushed ice is crushed very small and accordingly melts away quickly. This fact can unnecessarily water down your cocktail if consumed slowly.
    • The better alternative to crushed ice are ice cubes or ice balls. These last longer and also look much better. For daiquiris and caipirinhas, 2 x 2 x 2 cm ice cubes and 2 cm diameter ice balls are best.

    In most short drinks like Martini & Co. no ice is used. This is also due to the small glasses and the fact that they are drunk relatively quickly.

    Tip: Ice balls melt more slowly than ice cubes due to their smaller surface area.

  • LURCH ice cube moulds are made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone and are free from BPA, PTFE and PFAS. Our silicone is food-safe, tasteless and resistant to fruit acids. It also scores with maximum flexibility and dimensional stability. These properties ensure easy release of the cubes and scoops as well as uniform results.

    In addition to the simple ice cube makers, we also offer ice cube moulds with lids in the ICE FORMER series. With these, you can take your home bar and drinks to a whole new level.

    Our ICE FORMERs have been part of the basic equipment in the professional cocktail scene for many years and allow you completely new approaches and design variations. Instead of water, you can also freeze juices, fruits, flowers or herbs for your cocktails. This makes your drinks a real eye-catcher and an unforgettable sight at every cocktail party.

    The advantages of the silicone ice cube moulds at a glance:

    • 100% Premium-Platin-Silikon
    • Geschmacksneutral, lebensmittelecht, obstsäurebeständig
    • Leichtes Herauslösen der Eiswürfel dank hoher Flexibilität
    • Verstärktes Formdesign für gleichmäßige Ergebnisse
    • Spülmaschinen- und Mikrowellengeeignet
    • Großer Temperaturbereich von -40°C bis 240°C
    • Die Eiswürfelformen sind frei von BPA, PTFE und PFAS
    • 15 Jahre Garantie
  • Compared to our colourful ice cube makers and blue ice moulds, the ICE FORMER have the advantage of having a transparent lid. Thanks to the lid, it is possible to stack ice cube moulds in the freezer compartment. Added to this is the fact that no unpleasant foreign substances and odours can get into the ice cubes before and during freezing. A clean thing.

  • Cocktails, long drinks or punch are a welcome refreshment to end the working day on a relaxed note.

    In summer, there is nothing better than enjoying a cool drink on the balcony or in the garden. It is especially nice to have your own house bar that is open all year round. There, the amateur bartender likes to reach for the shaker to mix delicious cocktails for friends or family. Whether it's a fruity tequila sunrise or the classic caipirinha - with good accessories and, above all, a lot of fun, the preparation is easy!

    In our range you will find practical bar accessories such as citrus presses, which ensure that the juice from lemons, limes and oranges is always fresh in the glass.

    What would the perfect drink be without ice?

    Whether balls or cubes in different sizes, special shapes for whisky or long drinks - we have the right ice cube makers to make your drink really cool.

    Let our selection inspire you ... because the next party is sure to come!