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Grill & Chill with recipes and barbecue accessories from LURCH

As summer temperatures rise, it's time to unpack the barbecue. On this page, you'll find a wide range of barbecue recipes, accessories and ideas for barbecue evenings at home. Whether you use a small charcoal barbecue, a handy picnic barbecue or a large electric or gas grill - there's something for everyone here. The matching barbecue side dishes, such as delicious salads and homemade sauces, round off the barbecue experience perfectly. Vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers will all get their money's worth. Enjoy the summer weather in the garden, on the terrace or balcony with a successful barbecue evening!

Stainless Steel Barbecue Tongs

As we are also absolute barbecue fans, we have developed new barbecue tongs for ourselves and our loyal fans. These will bring tears of joy to the eyes of even the professional barbecuers among you :). At a good 40 centimetres, they can definitely be described as "extra long". Thanks to its sheer length, you always have a safe distance from the hot barbecue and, thanks to its well thought-out shape, perfect handling. Nothing will fall out of the tongs when turning and flipping your food. This is partly due to the shape and partly due to the teeth at the tip. These provide the necessary grip without sharp corners and edges. The food is not damaged during the work. This keeps the important meat and vegetable juices where they belong.

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Our Wursti-Maker is the ultimate sausage maker for vegetarian and vegan sausage alternatives. There are now countless meat substitute products available in supermarkets. These include burger patties and sausages. These are usually disproportionately expensive and the ingredients are often not what you would like to eat. If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to ingredients, why not make your own vegetarian sausages? Season them to your own taste and then simply cook them in a pan of hot water. With our sausage maker, you can quickly and easily make 8 sausages at the same time. The sturdy platinum silicone mould gives you perfect sausages. A highlight at every barbecue.

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Burger Patty Press

Pretty much everyone has made their own burgers on the grill or in the pan. However, you soon realise that preparing the right burger patties can be tricky. The quantity and consistency of the patties used play a key role here. To achieve good and even results, you need a patty press. There are countless suppliers on the market - they usually have one thing in common... the pressed patty does not come out of the press easily, sticks and falls apart. This can quickly turn into frustration and the burger press ends up in the corner. The LURCH burger press works differently to conventional burger presses. Thanks to its clever design, you can easily shape the pressed product, remove it and place it in the pan or grill. No more annoying sticking. This makes grilling burgers fun!

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BurgerBun Baking Moulds

What would delicious burger patties be without homemade burger buns? Of course, you can also buy ready-made burger buns from the supermarket, but then the burgers no longer have a personal touch. What's more, the ready-made buns usually don't contain the ingredients you would like. With our burger bun baking mould, you can give your homemade dough the ultimate shape. Our FLEXI®FORM baking moulds are made from 100% premium platinum silicone and offer maximum non-stick properties and stability. Depending on the variant, you can bake six to twelve burger buns at the same time. The baking moulds fit in every conventional oven. You can bake enough burger buns for your barbecue party in no time at all.

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Angled Pallet for flipping Burgers

We've just talked about preparing delicious burger patties and buns. Now we're at the point where we need to put the prepared ingredients on the grill. For these occasions, we have developed our wide angle pallet. It makes it easy to place and turn your patties and buns on the grill plancha or grill rack. The wide lifting surface and the discreetly sharpened edge at the front make it easier to remove from the surface. The wide angled pallet is also ideal for use in uncoated pans (iron/stainless steel).

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Spiralizer for Salads and Side Dishes

What would a sociable barbecue be without tasty and colourful side dishes? For exceptional salads with a wow effect, we have our Spiralizers available for you. There are three manual spiralizer, all of which come with three different blade inserts. With two blade inserts you can cut vegetable noodles (spaghetti) in different thicknesses and with the third blade you can cut even spirals. The LURCH Spiralizers work without electricity and use a hand crank. Thanks to the extremely sharp blades and a mechanism that has been tried and tested since 1997, spaghetti and spirals can be cut from fruit and vegetables in a matter of moments. The length is only limited by the size of the product to be cut. Our spiralizers can even process ingredients with a diameter of up to 18 centimetres. Really ingenious!

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"My Lid" Glass Covers with Motif

When it comes to barbecues, everyone is welcome. Family, friends and your nearest and dearest neighbours. The good food, the music and the topics of conversation put everyone in a good mood. Everyone has a glass or one of our The One drinking cups in their hand or on the table. The kids too. But which glass or cup belongs to whom? With so many guests and so much confusion, it's easy to lose track. We have developed our My Lids for these situations. These are stylish silicone lids for glasses in many different colours and with even more cool designs. But our My Lids are not just for labelling jars... Their main purpose is to protect drinks from flying pollen and insects. After all, you don't want to be drinking with the floating pests. So the glass lids not only look cool, they also protect you from our crawling friends. Super!

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Insulated Mug THE ONE

If you're going to celebrate a barbecue and garden party, then please do it in style! LURCH is known for our vacuum flasks and coffee-to-go mugs. But not so much for conventional drinking cups. Conventional doesn't really do our The One justice either... Our The One is unique in form and function. As with our insulated bottles, The One is also double-walled insulated and made of stainless steel. It is available in three trendy colours with an elegant diamond pattern. It has a capacity of 400 ml - enough for water, fizzy drinks, wine, beer and drinks of all kinds, such as cocktails. This insulated mug keeps cold drinks cold for longer and hot drinks hot for longer. An absolute must-have for every garden and barbecue party.

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Silicone Ice Cube Trays for your Drinks

What would a summer drink be without the right ice cubes? Whether you like to drink from a normal glass or our extravagant The One cup - ice cubes belong in both. We have ice cube makers in many colours and shapes. From the professional ICE FORMER with silicone lid, to cool colourful ice cube makers, to the classic shapes in icy light blue. You can achieve great results with all of them. From square 2x2 centimetre ice cubes to ice spheres with a diameter of up to 6 centimetres. These ice cubes will be an absolute eye-catcher in any glass! Especially if you freeze fruit juice in different colours and add them to your drinks. Cool!

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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Cool drinking straws are a must at a barbecue party. A colourful cocktail needs an equally stylish straw. Our straws are available in two shapes and lengths as well as in a pure stainless steel look and four trendy colours. We are fully committed to stainless steel as a material. Our straws can be reused as often as you like, making them sustainable and very easy to clean.

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Party Bread Baking Mould for your Barbecue

There's still a lot to do before your barbecue party can finally start. In addition to proper barbecue meat, burger buns, burger patties, salads and homemade vegetarian/vegan sausages, you will definitely need tasty bread as a side dish. And what could be better than homemade bread? For a party with several guests, we recommend a party bread from our "Hefezopf" silicone baking tin. The baking tin comes with two recipes - including the "Party plait". You can garnish the bread dough with all kinds of herbs, grains and seeds and turn it into a real masterpiece. The baking tin gives your bread the necessary structure so that it can be easily divided afterwards. This is what a party bread should look like!

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Multi Chopper for Pesto, Marinade & Co.

With the LURCH Multi Chopper, you can chop just about anything. You can prepare ingredients for sauces, soups and chutneys or make delicious pesto for your barbecue food in no time at all. With the help of a pull rope, you can get three sharp knives rotating without any electricity. These take the often tedious and time-consuming chopping work off your hands. Even hard ingredients such as seeds, nuts or dried bread can be chopped in just a few strokes. The Multi Chopper is a valuable asset to your kitchen.

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BBQ Recipes for Marinades and Sauces

Discover the secrets of flavourful barbecue evenings with our barbecue recipes for marinades and sauces. Whether you're a barbecue novice or an expert, homemade marinades add a special flavour to your barbecue food. Our diverse sauce recipes add that certain something to your barbecue plate. Try it out and expand your barbecue skills - it will definitely be worth it!

Bread, Salad and Burger Recipes

Whether you're looking for a bread or baguette that's perfect for your barbecue or lighter side dishes like salads and burgers, our selection of homemade baked goods and creative salad and burger recipes has something for everyone. Turn your barbecue evening into a gourmet experience with these versatile side dishes!

Even more Kitchen Tools for your BBQ

Enrich your barbecue party with our exclusive kitchen gadgets! From innovative barbecue accessories to practical tools - the selection is impressive. Discover the LURCH Smart Tool marinating brush for precise application of marinades, the dressing and batter shaker with scale up to 250 ml for perfect mixtures, the FLEXI®FORM silicone baking moulds made of premium platinum silicone for versatile baking options, the modular Base & Soul rotary grinder for effortless chopping and the LURCH TANGO bread knife with serrated edge for perfect cuts. The LURCH butane gas burner for flambéing, caramelising and more provides that little bit extra. Experience culinary excellence with these indispensable kitchen gadgets!