LURCH stainless steel cooking tongs and grill tongs for perfect grilling and precise handling

Welcome to LURCH cooking tongs and grill tongs - the ultimate tools for ambitious hobby chefs and grill masters! From multifunctional cooking tongs for precise turning, lifting and gripping to robust grill tongs for juicy steaks and crispy vegetables - we provide you with the best products to take your cooking and grilling skills to the next level. Whether you're a newbie in the kitchen or have been playing with fire for a long time, you'll find tongs that make all the difference. Dive into the world of cooking tongs and grill tongs and discover the art of perfect grilling and cooking!

The perfect cooking and grilling tongs for versatile use

LURCH cooking tongs and grill tongs are versatile and indispensable tools for every amateur chef and grill master. With the right tongs, you can not only turn and serve food, but also measure, remove and stir. Here you can find out everything you need to know about our high-quality cooking and grilling tongs, which meet the highest quality standards.

LURCH Stainless steel cooking tongs with silicone tip

Ideal for coated pots and pans

Our stainless steel universal tongs with silicone tips are a popular option. These all-around tongs are perfect for turning meats and vegetables, serving and measuring salads and garnishes, removing from hot pots and pans, and even stirring soups and stews. The silicone head protects delicate surfaces from scratches and allows you to work gently. We offer the tongs in lengths of 30 cm, 24 cm and 15 cm. The silicone tips are heat resistant up to 240°C and the wide stainless steel handle ensures safe handling without the risk of jamming.

LURCH Stainless steel cooking tongs with nylon tip

Strong hold in coated pots and pans

The second type of tongs for coated pans and pots are our "all-in-one" tongs with tips made of nylon. Compared to silicone, nylon is stiffer, allows a firm grip and is heat resistant up to 220°C. Both variants have a secure locking mechanism for space-saving storage (or hanging) and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

LURCH Barbecue tong

Designed for direct fire on the grill

For the barbecue area, the universal tongs made of full stainless steel with a length of 40 cm is the perfect tool. These special tongs are ideal for turning and serving juicy steaks, tender grilled vegetables or delicate seafood. They withstand high temperatures and give you optimal control over the grilled food. With these grill tongs grilling becomes a real pleasure.

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LURCH Antipasti tongs, cooking and cocktail tweezers

The right tongs for every occasion

In addition to the cooking tongs and grill tongs, we also have specialized tools such as antipasti tongs, a pair of cooking tweezers and cocktail tweezers. The three antipasti tongs available in a set are ideal for grabbing and serving small appetizers and snacks. The 30.5 cm long cooking tweezers are a precise tool for garnishing or placing delicate dishes. The cocktail tweezers make decorating fruit and citrus on homemade cocktails a breeze. They are essential for an appealing presentation of dishes and drinks.

Use these handy tools to take your cooking and grilling skills to a new level or create fruity cocktails with impressive visuals.

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