Recipes for a healthy breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, tastes are pretty diverse. Sweet, savory, nutrition-conscious, hearty or purist - what type of breakfast are you?

There is, for example, the connoisseur type who enjoys breakfast in peace and quiet in the morning. Before he goes about his daily duties, he sits down quietly at the set table. A selection of rolls, toppings, yoghurt, freshly squeezed orange juice and wonderfully smelling coffee await him there.

Things are much more hectic for the rush breakfaster, or rather the almost-not-at-all breakfaster. A cup of coffee to wake you up and maybe a quick bowl of cornflakes are enough. His motto is why eat breakfast when you can make better use of your time in other ways.

On this page you can find healthy breakfast recipes, practical baking molds and useful kitchen helpers for the most important meal.

Gesundes Frühstück Rezepte

All recipes can be prepared quickly!

They are simple, healthy and, above all, varied. It's not just our breads that you can use in a variety of ways. You should also definitely try the fruity banana pancakes, muffins with crunchy vegetables, protein-rich waffles or the fresh omelette.

We hope you have fun with our recipes and a perfect start to an energetic day!

What is part of a balanced breakfast?

A balanced breakfast is the perfect start to the day - it combines delicious variety and nourishing freshness. From crunchy muesli with fresh berries to warm wholemeal rolls with creamy spread, it's the little pleasures that contribute to a balanced breakfast.

The preferences for what is eaten for breakfast are very different:

Some people need a real supply of sugar in the morning. Jam, honey, nut nougat cream, plus a croissant with a cup of cocoa, it can't be sweet enough. For others, nothing works without a solid foundation. This includes a decent bread with cheese, salami or ham. The health-conscious person starts the morning with muesli. After jogging, a colorfully filled bowl awaits him with everything his fitness heart desires.

One thing is certain: a healthy, balanced breakfast is the best way to start the day!

Of course, you don't always have time to enjoy breakfast in peace in your hectic everyday life. Sometimes things just have to happen quickly. You quickly grab a cup of coffee to wake up and head out of the house. But this doesn't mean you have to miss out on a healthy, delicious breakfast.

Tasty, healthy & easy to prepare

We have developed great recipes for you that provide a healthy basis for your breakfast. For example, the small oat breads, crunchy muesli bagels or fitness bars with ingredients such as grains, seeds, oat flakes or nuts, which supply your body with lots of good ingredients and energy.

We provide the basis – you choose the way you like it!

With a few little tricks you can stick to your preferences, but spice up your bread in a healthy and very tasty way. With lettuce, avocado, cucumber and tomatoes, a boring salami roll becomes a real “fit breakfast”.

How about quark or cream cheese instead of thickly spread butter?

Mixed with chopped onions, garlic and fresh herbs such as cress, chives or dill, it becomes a delicious, light spread.

Are you very nutritionally conscious and do you prefer to eat muesli in the morning?

Instead of using store-bought products, which are usually very high in sugar, we have prepared a delicious granola recipe for you. You can easily prepare it in advance and combine it with quark, yoghurt, fruit or porridge. That crunches!

Kitchen helper for preparing a healthy breakfast

In order to be able to prepare our delicious breakfast recipes quickly and easily, we have put together the best kitchen helpers for you here.