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Baking is one of the oldest and most popular culinary traditions. Whether you're an experienced baker or a novice in the kitchen, the right baking accessories can make a big difference in your baking results. On this comprehensive product overview page, we introduce you to a variety of baking utensils and explain their uses. From practical tools like the dough scraper to professional equipment like the butane gas burner, you'll learn all about the must-haves for your baking adventures.

LURCH Hand protection and heat protection

for more safety in the kitchen

Let's start with the most important baking accessory that reliably protects your hands from burns - the oven glove! You can choose between four colourful oven gloves: grape, peppermint, lemonade and black. They are made of a high-quality textile-silicone mix and are perfect for safely gripping and transporting hot baking trays, pots and pans. As an alternative, we offer you our timeless pair of mitts made of silicone and textile. These have a practical hand insert for safe working.

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LURCH Gas Burner Mega Torch

To caramelise, you need heat!

That's why the LURCH butane gas burner is an indispensable accessory when it comes to caramelising creams, desserts and even crème brûlée. Our two butane gas burners offer you safety, performance and ease of use. The control dial allows intuitive and precise flame control and ultimately a perfect result.

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LURCH Practical helpers

for protecting your kitchen

To protect your work surface and keep it clean at the same time, the  foldable trivet amade of silicone and stainless steel as well as the trivet- and  cooking spoon rests are ideal utensils. These practical baking accessories provide stability for your pots, pans and spoons while protecting your kitchen from unwanted burn marks.

LURCH Baking accessories for sieving and filtering ingredients

A high-quality stainless steel colander is a must in every kitchen. Our 22 cm and 25 cm diameter standing sieves are perfect for draining pasta, washing vegetables or filtering sauces. For smaller tasks like spreading icing sugar, we can recommend our TANGO sieves with ergonomic handles and hanging eyelet in sizes 18.5 cm, 11.5 cm and 9.5 cm. We have the right sieve for every requirement.

You can't have a bakery without baking accessories for stirring and spreading

Let yourself be inspired by our diverse selection of baking accessories for stirring and spreading and experience the true joy of baking. Our whisk, both stainless steel and silicone, are indispensable helpers for perfectly stirred dough and smooth creams. With their robust wires, they ensure even mixing of ingredients and leave no lumps. When it comes to scraping out the rest of your dough bowl, the SMART TOOLS dough scrapers are your reliable partners. With their flexible edge, you can effortlessly spread, brush and incorporate leftover dough into the batter. No precious dough is wasted, because the dough scraper ensures that even the last bit is used.

LURCH Baking accessories for levelling

Ideal for smooth doughs and creams

For spreading and smoothing doughs and creams, we also have a handy silicone dough card and the TANGO angled palettes with ergonomic handles in our range. With their help, it's child's play to spread dough evenly and smooth creams. The flexible edges and comfortable handles ensure pleasant handling and consistently perfect results.

The LURCH pastry brush is a true all-rounder. It makes it easy to apply melted butter, egg or syrup to your treats and gives them a fine shine as a finish. With its high-quality silicone bristles, it distributes the liquids evenly and ensures a perfect result.


Perfect for coated pots and pans

The reliable SMART TOOLS Cooking Spoon made of Premium-Platinum-Silicone is one of the most important kitchen gadgets of all and should not be missing in any kitchen. Its non-stick properties make it ideal for stirring and mixing cakes and pastry. You can use it without hesitation in coated bowls, pots and pans, as it does not leave any scratches.

But not only that, our range also offers other highlights. The TANGO sauce whisk allows you to quickly prepare delicious sauces, while the Mini whisk is the ideal helper for mixing marinades and dressings. When it comes to serving freshly baked cakes and pies, don't miss the stylish TANGO Cake lifter . It allows you to effortlessly lift and serve perfectly cut pieces without them falling apart or losing their shape.

Every LURCH baking accessory has been designed with care and attention to detail to bring you joy and ease in the kitchen. Dare to try new recipes, experiment with flavours and become a master of your own baking.

LURCH Küchenhelfer und Küchengeräte zum Kochen und Backen

LURCH Creative cookie cutters

Baking becomes even more interesting when you can use different shapes and designs. With the LURCH cookie cutters in different sets such as Christmas, animals, happiness, vehicles, dinos and princesses, you can let your creativity run wild. The stainless steel Cookie cuttters offers a wide range of possibilities for shaping biscuits, biscuits or dough. For those who prefer miniature shapes, the Xmas MINI and Sky MINI cutters are ideal, while the Xmas MAXI and Sky MAXI cutters allow for larger creations.

Other helpful LURCH baking accessories

In addition to the baking aids just mentioned, we offer you many more tools that are sure to inspire your baking skills. With the FLEXI®FORM Baking mat 30 x 40 cm and the large Baking mat 60 x 40 cm rolling out, baking and roasting at up to 240°C is child's play. They provide a non-slip surface and prevent your dough from sticking unintentionally. Baking fine macarons or potato wedges brushed with oil is also no problem with the Macaron baking mat and baking mat gravy skimmer .

The FLEXI®FORM flexi-sheet is a true all-rounder. It consists of a total of four individual moulds and fits as a whole exactly on a conventional oven rack or tray. Thanks to its flexibility and non-stick surface, it is perfect for all kinds of baked goods, from crispy biscuits to moist cakes.

With the LURCH Cake Pop handles and the matching FLEXI®FORM Cake Pop silicone moulds , you can present your creations in professional quality. Shape perfect and sweet cake pops and finish them off with our high-quality handles. The hit at every party!

But that's not all! With the LURCH  snack holder you can present treats like pastries, ice cream cones, hot dogs, tacos and much more, safely and stylishly. The orange peeler allows effortless and precise peeling and gives you the full taste of the juicy fruit.

The LURCH baking accessories offer endless possibilities

The right LURCH baking accessories can make baking an effortless and rewarding experience. From heat protection to creative shapes and practical tools, the world of baking offers endless possibilities. Take your baking skills to the next level with featured products like the orange peeler, butane gas burner, oven mitts, cookie cutters and more. Experiment, have fun and let your passion for baking guide you!

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