LURCH Peeler and economy Peeler for effortless peeling of fruit and vegetables

With our versatile range of peelers and economy peelers, you'll rediscover the revolutionary world of peeling. Whether fruit, vegetables or potatoes - with our high-quality products, peeling becomes child's play. With these tools you save valuable time and make your everyday kitchen life easier. From ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip to sharp blades for precise peeling, our peelers and economy peelers offer you the highest quality and functionality. Experience the perfect combination of efficiency and ease of use and be inspired by our innovative peelers.

The right peeler makes the difference

In today's hectic world, efficiency in the kitchen is crucial. And what could be more efficient than the right peeler or economy peeler? Whether you're peeling fruits, vegetables, or even hard root vegetables, choosing the right tool can make the difference between tedious work and a smooth process. We'll tell you all about the different types of peelers and peelers, their uses, and useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of these Kitchen Tools.

LURCH Universal Peeler

The LURCH Universal economy peeler rightly deserves its name. With its high-quality Japanese blade technology, it offers exceptionally sharp and long-lasting cutting performance. The special shape of the blade allows you to efficiently drain the finely chopped peel from your ingredients without having to constantly set it down. A movable blade head is essential to handle different peels and surfaces with ease. This peeler ensures a smooth cutting motion and easy glide over the food being cut. In addition, comfort and fatigue-free work is of great importance. For this very reason, the Universal peeler has an ergonomically designed handle that provides a pleasant and comfortable peeling experience. With this high-quality peeler, you can count on durability, sharpness and comfortable work.

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LURCH Super Peeler

Peeling becomes an incomparable experience with the LURCH Super Peeler. Thanks to its slightly serrated blade, peeling fruits and vegetables with hard and/or smooth skin is child's play. Even soft flesh is handled effortlessly, as the extra-sharp blade is optimized for it. Tomatoes, kiwis and peppers can all be handled with ease using this blade shape. The super peeler features a movable blade that glides smoothly over your ingredients while deftly removing the cut peel. In addition to the outstanding blade technology, this peeler also features an ergonomically designed handle that ensures maximum comfort. With the Super Peeler, you can not only count on a top-notch blade, but also enjoy maximum convenience when peeling.

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LURCH Peeler Julienne

The LURCH Julienne peeler is the ideal kitchen tool for cutting decorative julienne strips from fruits and vegetables and visually enhancing any dish. With its state-of-the-art Japanese blade technology, it features exceptional sharpness, maneuverability and durability. The special design of the cutting tool ensures that the cut peel is effortlessly removed from the fruit or vegetable. The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to work without fatigue. Whether you're showcasing professional cooking skills or simply want to spice up the look of your dishes, the Julienne peeler is the perfect tool to achieve impressive results. Give your dishes an elegant touch with effortlessly prepared Julienne strips and enjoy the comfortable work with this outstanding Kitchen Tool.

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LURCH Asparagus Peeler

Our asparagus peelers for asparagus and pole vegetables make removing the peel a pleasant and time-saving experience compared to most conventional peelers on the market. You'll glide effortlessly through the peel thanks to our high-quality, durable-sharp blade technology from Japan. The movable blade head makes it easy to guide over uneven surfaces. The unique blade shape differs from conventional peelers as it is specifically designed to remove the peeled skin of pole vegetables directly while peeling. This greatly simplifies the work and saves time. In addition, the ergonomically shaped handle provides optimum comfort and fits comfortably in the hand. Discover a new way of peeling asparagus and other pole vegetables with our LURCH asparagus peeler - simple, efficient and with excellent results.

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LURCH Universal Cross Peeler

Our cross peeler is the elegant and versatile solution for peeling a variety of foods. Cooking enthusiasts rave about this handy kitchen tool. Like its peeler counterparts, the LURCH cross peeler features the high-quality blade technology from Japan. The blade, made of Japanese steel, is extremely sharp and durable. The movable blade head allows precise and thin peeling of fruits and vegetables. The flexibility of the blade ensures smooth gliding on a wide variety of surfaces. The ergonomically shaped handle provides a secure grip and allows for effortless handling. With our cross peeler, you'll experience comfortable and efficient peeling that will help you prepare your favorite dishes. Discover the versatility and quality of our cross peeler and experience a new level of precision and comfort in your kitchen.

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LURCH Orange Peeler

The LURCH orange peeler is absolutely unique! Developed, designed and manufactured in Germany, it allows you to effortlessly cut and peel oranges without damaging the precious flesh. Both the orange peeler and the blade are made of durable nylon. The blade effortlessly penetrates the orange peel and lifts it without any effort thanks to its clever shape. The blade then glides gently along the flesh of the fruit. The ergonomically shaped handle fits comfortably in the hand and provides a non-slip grip. In addition, the orange peeler is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze. Indulge yourself with the LURCH orange peeler and experience the ultimate peeling experience for your oranges.

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LURCH Ginger Peeler

With our ginger peeler from the Tango series, you can effortlessly peel large quantities of ginger tubers. The specially shaped blade allows you to gently remove the peel without losing too much of the precious ginger flesh. Unlike knives, which often remove too much ginger, and conventional spoons, which simply take too long, the LURCH ginger peeler offers the optimal solution. It is suitable for both left- and right-handed users and can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher. In addition, it has a practical hanging loop, so you can always keep it handy. Experience a fast and efficient way to peel ginger with our ginger peeler and enjoy the full flavor of this spicy tuber in your dishes.

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LURCH Asparagus Peeler green

Do you like asparagus as much as we do? And do you usually eat more than just 10 stalks per meal? Then the LURCH asparagus peeler is the perfect kitchen tool for you! You can attach this peeler to your countertop with the help of a screw clamp and get started right away. You simply push the asparagus from above into the opening - while it is being stripped of its peel by six sharp blades. The precision stainless steel blades work with an ingenious spring mechanism that allows for thorough peeling of white asparagus. For safe work, a plunger is included to push the asparagus through. Our asparagus peeler works without electricity!

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LURCH Apple Peeler stone gray

The LURCH apple peeler is the ideal companion for all apple lovers. Whether you, your partner or your children would like to enjoy a freshly peeled apple in the morning - with our apple peeler this becomes child's play. You simply put the apple on the device and turn the hand crank. An extremely sharp stainless steel blade glides along the apple and effortlessly frees it from its skin in a wafer-thin thickness. Our apple peeler is suitable for small, medium and large apples. So that it has a firm stand during peeling, it has four suction cups on the bottom. So you can concentrate on peeling your apple without the peeler slipping. From now on, enjoy freshly peeled apples in no time and experience the full pleasure of this healthy snack. Perfect for large quantities.

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LURCH Garlic Peeler

The silicone garlic peeler makes peeling garlic effortless. By simply rolling it by hand, this innovative peeler loosens the skin from garlic without leaving pesky odors on your hands. Made of high quality 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone, it offers long-lasting and safe use. The UV ProTech surface finish ensures hygienic use and makes cleaning easy. The LURCH garlic peeler is available in two attractive colors: light grey and lemonade. It is also dishwasher safe and free of harmful BPA. Enjoy peeling garlic without the hassle and experience the convenient use and practical cleaning with this premium silicone garlic peeler.

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Frequently asked questions about LURCH Peelers

  • There are several types of peelers, including economy peelers, julienne peelers, cross peelers, asparagus peelers, fruit peelers and garlic peelers. Each type is specially designed for specific tasks and foods.

  • To use a peeler, hold the handle firmly and guide the blade along the surface of the food while applying light pressure. Care should be taken to peel the skin evenly and thinly to get the most benefit.

  • Most peelers can simply be rinsed under running water. For stubborn residue, a gentle cleaning brush can be used. If possible, do not put peelers in the dishwasher, as this will impair their sharpness.

  • Peelers are mostly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its durability and sharpness.

  • Most peelers on the market can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. This also applies to all peelers and economy peelers from LURCH.

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