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Hi you! So you're as big an apple fan as we are?! If that's the case, then you've come to the right place!

The apple is already a great kind of fruit. With its many vitamins and minerals, it has been one of the most important fruits in this country for generations. It is wonderful eaten on its own or used to conjure up delicious dishes in many variations. Whether you like to cook or bake - the apple brings a certain sweetness to your food.

You will come across many delicious recipes in our recipe portal or in Grandma's recipe book. However, the recipes almost always have one thing in common - the apples have to be peeled. We have developed a very special kitchen helper to make this job as quick and easy as possible for you: Our clever apple peeler.

Apfelschäler ansehen

An apple peeling machine

that needs no electricity

Our apple peeler can be described as a small manual apple peeling machine in which you can quickly clamp and peel your apples. The fact that you don't need electricity to run the machine is really cool and sustainable too! The apple peeler is driven by a small hand crank, which rotates the attached apple. While the apple rotates around its own axis, a sharp knife moves along the apple and reliably removes the skin. And guess what?! For the apple peeler, the size of the apple does not matter.

Our video gives you a good impression of how it works and what it can do. Take a look! A great product for apple lovers like us.

Watch Apple Peeler on YouTube

Apple Pie Recipes

LURCH apple corer

With this apple corer you can easily cut out the core of your apples. The robust blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and is very sharp. A practical recess also makes it easy to remove the core. The ergonomic Tango handle with hanging loop ensures comfortable working - basket for basket. Matching our apple peeler, an absolute "MUST HAVE" in your kitchen.

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