LURCH Bar Tools for the best cocktails - everything for the home bar!

Welcome to the exciting world of cocktails! With our professional Bar Tools, you can transform your home bar into a magical place of pleasure and style. Our new collection includes a total of 20 products that are simply stunning. You'll find everything your cocktail heart desires: cocktail shakers for elegant mixing, bar spoons for precise stirring, cocktail cups for perfect serving, jiggers for exact amounts, bar pestles for creative creations, ice buckets for refreshing drinks, straws for the finishing touch and much more. As a special highlight, a comprehensive recipe book awaits you, filled to the brim with delicious recipes and valuable know-how. Experience the world of mixing and let yourself be inspired by our site. Here you will find everything you need for unforgettable cocktails at home.

LURCH Bottle Cooler Smokey Grey

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LURCH Rührglas 650 ml

LURCH Cocktail shaker 3-piece

The most popular shaker in every home bar

If you are looking for a cocktail shaker that is easy to handle, then our 3-piece shaker made of stainless steel is the right choice for you. This shaker is a real all-rounder and consists of a cap, a lid with strainer and a generous cup. Fill the cup with ice and your favourite ingredients such as spirits, juices and fruits. Then close the shaker tightly with the lid strainer and cap. After mixing, remove the cap and pour the cocktail effortlessly through the integrated strainer into your cocktail glass. Voilà! Enjoy your perfectly mixed drink.

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LURCH Boston-Shaker with glass

For mixing cocktails quickly

The Boston Shaker is best suited for mixing cocktails quickly. This special shaker consists of a high-quality stainless steel cup and a robust shaker glass, which are both optimally matched to each other. Compared to the 3-piece shaker, the Boston Shaker produces fewer foam bubbles and thus ensures a smoother consistency of your cocktails. Professional bartenders swear by the Boston Shaker and its versatility. Experience for yourself how this shaker takes your mixing skills to a new level. Whether you're mixing for yourself or to impress guests, the Boston Shaker is a must-have in the world of cocktails.

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LURCH Boston-Shaker Strainer

Easy straining/filtering of your ingredients from the shaker

The Boston-Shaker Strainer consists of a sturdy support plate with a tightly twisted spiral along the outer edge. It is used for effortless straining of cocktails from shakers and mixing glasses. The ergonomic handle, which has an integrated notch, makes it easy to attach the strainer to shakers or glasses. The one-handed operability enables fast and efficient work. With this strainer, professional straining of your cocktails becomes child's play, so that you can fully concentrate on mixing and serving your masterpieces. Be amazed by the functionality and ease that the Boston Shaker Strainer brings to your home bar.

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LURCH Jigger 2 cl / 4 cl

For precise measuring of your spirits and juices

Precise dosing of ingredients is of great importance when mixing cocktails. The jigger is the right tool for easily measuring out exact quantities of ingredients and effortlessly preparing even the most demanding cocktail recipes. With this indispensable utensil, every cocktail is guaranteed to be perfect. Say goodbye to uncertainty and enjoy the confidence that with the right ratio, your cocktail will be a harmoniously balanced experience.

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LURCH Stirring glass

Simplifies the stirring and pouring of cocktails

For the perfect stirring of cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Martini and many other classics, we recommend the robust 650 ml stirring glass. With its sturdy design, it provides the ideal basis for mixing your favourite drinks. The practical pouring spout on the rim allows you to pour the carefully stirred cocktails into your cocktail glasses precisely and without spilling. Enjoy the feeling of control and elegant presentation as you pour your masterpieces into the matching glasses. With this high-quality mixing glass, mixing and serving your cocktails will be a real pleasure for you and your guests.

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LURCH Bar spoon Drop

Balanced spoon for even stirring

The bar spoon Drop impresses with its elegant, Japanese design and is made of high-quality stainless steel. With a length of 29 cm, it offers the perfect size for precise work. The drop-shaped counterweight not only gives it an appealing look, but also ensures ideal balance during mixing. Thanks to the twisted handle, the bar spoon lies comfortably in the hand and enables easy and even movement in the mixing glass. In addition, you can effortlessly run juices down the length of the spoon to colour your cocktails and give them a special touch. With the Drop bar spoon, you get a stylish tool that allows you to mix cocktails in an elegant and professional way.

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LURCH Bar spoon Disk

Enables even stirring and layering

With the Disk bar spoon, the preparation of layered cocktails in particular is effortless. Its European design makes it a real eye-catcher in your bar. At 29 cm, it is the right length for precise work. The bar spoon Disk is made of high-quality stainless steel and stands out due to its twisted handle and the counterweight in the shape of a disk. In addition to the function of layering, the disc in the glass also allows you to crush ingredients and ensures a good balance of the spoon. With the bar spoon Disk, you have a versatile tool at hand that offers you the highest precision and flexibility when mixing cocktails. Be inspired by its elegance and functionality and create impressive drinks.

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LURCH Bar pestle

Release unexpected flavours when crushing your ingredients

The bar pestle is indispensable for preparing fruity cocktails. With the star-shaped pattern at the bottom of the bar pestle, you can easily crush citrus fruits, mint and other ingredients. Made of high-quality plastic, the pestle offers a robust construction and, thanks to its rough surface, is safe to hold even when wet. With the bar pestle, you can release the full aroma of the fruit and enrich your cocktails with fresh, intense flavours. Let yourself be inspired by the ease and effectiveness of the bar pestle and create refreshing drinks that will delight your guests.

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LURCH Ice bucket

Keeps your ice cubes in shape for a long time

With the double-walled ice bucket made of high-quality stainless steel, ice cubes and ice balls stay perfectly chilled for a longer period of time, while the amount of melted water is effectively reduced. This means you and your guests can enjoy delicious cocktails ice cold at any time without having to constantly run to the freezer. The ice bucket offers a convenient and practical solution to maintain the optimal temperature of your drinks and maximise the taste experience. Enjoy the luxury of a permanently chilled bar and surprise family and friends with refreshing cocktails that are just the right temperature.

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LURCH Ice tongs

Safe removal and positioning of your ice cream creations

The LURCH ice tongs are equipped with inward-pointing teeth that allow ice cubes to be safely removed from an ice bucket and ensure targeted placement in cocktails without slipping. In addition, it has a diamond-shaped opening on both sides, which even allows ice balls to be gripped effortlessly. With these versatile ice tongs, you have full control over the ice and can place it precisely in your drinks. Enjoy the easy handling and practical functionality of this bar accessory that will make your cocktail preparation even more professional.

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LURCH Pouring spout set of 3

Targeted pouring of spirits without spilling

You need the pourer for easy dosing of spirits, juices and other liquids directly from the bottle into the glass. With its open design, it is particularly suitable for pouring larger quantities, as it does not have a flow stop. With the LURCH pourer, you have full control over the amount and can measure it precisely and conveniently. Give your drinks the perfect shot of spirit or the desired amount of juice without spilling or using too much. With the pourer, you can effortlessly make your cocktails just right.

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LURCH „SQUEASY" citrus juicer

Fast juicing of citrus fruits

A well-stocked home bar should not be without a solid citrus juicer, no matter how small it is. Freshly squeezed juices give your cocktails their incomparable taste. Our compact Squeasy citrus press is made of high-quality stainless steel and nylon for maximum stability and durability. With its practical spout on the edge, you can portion the freshly extracted juice precisely and in a controlled manner. Whether you're squeezing lemons, limes or oranges, the LURCH citrus juicer will help you bring the pure taste and fresh flavours of citrus fruits to your cocktails. Get this handy bar accessory and enrich your drinks with freshly squeezed juices that will give your guests that extra something.

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LURCH Fine bar strainer

Reliably filters smallest particles out of your shaker

The fine bar strainer is an indispensable bar accessory for effectively filtering the smallest particles such as tea, mint or ice when pouring cocktails. With its long handle, curved end and metal loop on the opposite side, the strainer provides a secure rest on glasses. You can simply place it on the rim of the glass while pouring the cocktail, thereby reliably retaining unwanted ingredients. With the LURCH bar strainer, you achieve a smooth and precise pouring technique to serve your cocktails perfectly. Enjoy the ease and professional quality of this strainer, which gives your drinks a flawless finish.

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LURCH Waiter's corkscrew

Removes corks and lids in no time at all

The LURCH waiter's corkscrew with integrated knife is particularly popular with sommeliers and enables the effortless removal of corks and foil from any bottle. With its practical lever arm, you can easily pull the corks out of the bottle without much effort. The corkscrew also has a classic bottle opener for versatile use. The timeless black gives it a stylish and elegant look that makes the waiter's corkscrew an eye-catcher in your bar. With this high-quality bar accessory, you are perfectly equipped to open bottles professionally and effortlessly and enjoy the contents of your drinks.

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LURCH Speed-Opener

Quick removal of pourers and crown caps

Our stainless steel speed opener allows you to remove pourers and crown caps quickly and effortlessly. With the additional hole on the handle, you can handle the opener better and even perform little tricks in front of your guests. The practical hook allows you to easily attach the opener to your trousers or bar, so it's always at hand. With this versatile and practical bar accessory, you will become a master of quick bottle opening. Whether it's a hectic bar or a social gathering, the speed opener is your reliable companion for opening bottles in the blink of an eye.

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LURCH Champagne bottle stopper

Reliable capping of bottles

With this practical closure, you can safely close champagne and sparkling wine bottles. The cap has a silicone seal and is simply placed over the bottle opening. The movable wings hold the closure firmly and tightly in place so that no carbon dioxide can escape. This keeps your sparkling wine or champagne fresh and bubbly for longer. Enjoy the luxury of opening your bottles without haste and storing the contents for later without compromising the taste. With the LURCH champagne bottle stopper, you can revive the sparkling pleasure at any time.

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LURCH Cocktail tweezers

For decorating and placing your cocktails

The Cocktail Tweezers are the ideal bar accessory for hygienically decorating and placing cocktail ingredients such as mint, lime, lemon and more. With a length of 30 cm and fine grooves on the inside, they allow you to decorate your cocktails with precision and attention to detail. You can safely grab the ingredients and arrange them artfully to give your drinks that extra touch. Get the LURCH cocktail tweezers and become a master of cocktail presentation.

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LURCH Zest ripper

Sets visual and taste accents

To obtain fine, bitter-free zests from fruit peels, a zest ripper is absolutely essential. This bar accessory allows you to cut several zests evenly and precisely. It is ideal for the decorative design of cocktails. With the LURCH zest ripper, you can pull out perfect zests to add a touch of freshness and flavour to your drinks. Put the finishing touches on your creations and impress your guests with exquisite zests that please the eye and take the taste of your cocktails to a new level.

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LURCH Snack dispensers

Uncomplicated and hygienic enjoyment of snacks at the home bar

A snack dispenser should not only be stylish and noble, but also beautiful. The LURCH snack dispenser fulfils exactly these requirements. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it not only offers an attractive look, but also keeps snacks and nibbles fresh for a long time thanks to its tight lid. You can rest assured that your favourite snacks will stay protected and crispy. What's more, this dispenser allows for hygienic and uncomplicated enjoyment on any occasion. Whether it's a cosy evening in front of the TV or a stylish cocktail party, you can concentrate on snacking and enjoying the moment.

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LURCH „THE ONE" Cocktail mug

Stylish enjoyment for every occasion

THE ONE is the perfect cocktail mug to keep your cocktails and drinks cool for a long time thanks to its double-wall insulation. With its striking diamond pattern and the three available colours, this insulated mug made of stainless steel is a real eye-catcher. Whether you're out and about or relaxing at home, THE ONE ensures that you can always enjoy your drink in style and chilled. Be inspired by its appealing design and enjoy the luxury of a perfectly tempered drink, whether at social occasions or in relaxed moments. THE ONE convinces both functionally and aesthetically.

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LURCH „Cocktail Journey" recipe book

With delicious cocktail recipes for mixing

Our brand new recipe book takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of cocktails. You'll discover 18 delicious cocktail recipes brought to life with detailed step-by-step instructions and stunning photography. Our book not only offers delicious creations, but also valuable knowledge about the world's most popular spirits and gives you insights into which bar accessories are useful when mixing different cocktails. With this comprehensive recipe book, you'll become an accomplished bartender and be able to try your hand at the shaker. Whether you're an experienced bartender or just starting out in the world of cocktails, our book will inspire you, expand your repertoire and impress your guests with exquisite drinks. Get ready for an unforgettable journey full of taste sensations and moments of pleasure.

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Frequently asked questions about LURCH Bar Tools

  • Every amateur bartender starts out small. To master many of the most popular cocktails and long drinks, you need the following bar accessories for your home bar: cocktail shaker, bar strainer, jigger, mixing glass, bar spoon, bar pestle, pourer, citrus press, ice cube mould, ice bucket and ice tongs.

    To get even more creativity and flavour out of your drinks, we recommend you take a look at our entire bar collection.

  • You need a bar strainer for almost all cocktails that contain fruit, juices, ice, syrups, bitters and fruit. These ingredients give your cocktails the desired aroma - however, the residue they contain, including ice from the cocktail shaker, does not belong in your drinks. Simply filter them out with the bar strainer.

  • You need the following alcoholic spirits in your home bar: white rum, brown rum, tequila, vodka, gin, whisky, cognac and vermouth.

  • For many cocktails you need the following juices: lemon juice, lime juice, pink grapefruit juice, tomato juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and apple juice.