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Christmas baking with silicone moulds and baking accessories from LURCH

In the Christmas bakery ...

...are many tasty treats!Whether funny gingerbread men, delicious vanilla crescents, crispy speculoos, juicy gingerbread and stollen or simply decorated biscuits with beautiful Christmas motifs such as stars, angels or fir trees - at Christmas there is a biscuit for everyone. Even the little ones' eyes light up when it comes to baking. They enthusiastically cut out biscuits, melt chocolate and nibble the dough from the bowl. To ignite the pleasure of baking, we have developed many different Christmas baking moulds. This is baking fun for the whole family.

Our most popular baking moulds for Christmas

100% premium platinum silicone, non-stick, BPA-free, creative baking fun for young and old!

Mini Gingerbread mould

Bake Mini Pretzels, Hearts and Stars

Our delicious smelling mini gingerbreads increase the Christmas excitement and make the wait for the Christ Child a little easier, especially for the little ones. With the FLEXI®FORM Gingerbread Mini baking mould, you can make four pretzels, four hearts and four stars at the same time. The mould has a size of 20 x 30 cm. The gingerbread hearts and pretzels are approx. 6 x 4.5 cm and the stars are 6 x 5.5 cm.

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FlexiForm Cookies

Bake 18 biscuits at the same time

With the biscuit baking mat you can bake 18 beautiful round biscuits. Our FLEXI®FORM guarantees you the best baking results! Thanks to its non-stick properties. The high energy conductivity ensures wonderfully evenly baked biscuits. With a diameter of approx. 5.5 cm, the biscuits are perfect for decorating with chocolate, nuts or fondant. It's worth trying them out!

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FlexiForm Gingerbread Man

These six gingerbread men are simply super!

With the FLEXI®FORM gingerbread man you can bake six gingerbread men at the same time. The shape has a size of 24 x 30 cm, the individual biscuit men measure 10.5 x 9 cm. You will give your children or grandchildren a special treat when they can decorate the homemade gingerbread men. There are no limits to your imagination. What do you think of chocolate eyes and nut buttons? Or bake gingerbread women and put an icing dress on them.

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Winter time mould

Creates Christmas magic with winter motifs

„Leise rieselt der Schnee…“, outside the days are getting shorter and colder. It's high time to turn on the oven and create a warm, Christmas atmosphere at home! With the LURCH FLEXI®FORM Wintertime you can bake decorative cookies that shorten the cold season and the wait for Santa Claus and Christ Child.

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FlexiForm Speculatius Winter

These biscuit baking molds for speculoos are really impressive

So that the homemade cookies really come into their own on the Santa plate, our cookie baking mold has six beautiful winter and Christmas motifs. Topped with icing or food coloring, your homemade speculoos will be a real eye-catcher.

View FlexiForm Speculatius Winter

FlexiForm Speculatius Nativity

The Christmas story in six great motifs

Six different motifs make up the Christmas story for baking: the angel, the stable, the manger, the shepherd and his donkey, and the three wise men from the East. Added icing or food coloring and your homemade speculoos story will be a real eye-catcher.

View FlexiForm Speculatius Nativity

FlexiForm Cinnamon star

Fifteen homemade cinnamon stars at once

What would Advent and Christmas be without delicious homemade cookies? Fill your house with the smell of delicious cookies. Bake 15 cinnamon stars with this FlexiForm. To really show off the homemade cookies, you can decorate them with icing, chocolate, food coloring or sugar pearls.

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Gingerbread mould pretzels, hearts and stars

Bake the popular gingerbread classics yourself

In a very classic and traditional way, you can use this baking mold to conjure up two gingerbread cookies in the shape of pretzels, hearts and stars. You can let your imagination run wild when choosing spices. Fill your home with the spicy scent of cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom and get your family in the best of Christmas anticipation.

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FlexiForm Kipferl mould

A Christmas cookie with a long tradition

There is one classic that should not be missing from any colorful plate: vanilla crescents. The small crescents in the powder coat are popular with young and old. The fine pastries have a long tradition and the recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

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FlexiForm Madeleine mould

Goes perfectly with tea or coffee

“The second that this sip of tea mixed with the taste of cake touched my palate, I jumped... Where did this powerful joy flow to me?” - With these exuberant words, the writer Marcel Proust described Madeleines and also increased the popularity of the small sand cakes outside the borders of Lorraine and France. We can't guarantee that you and your guests will be in a similar state of ecstasy - but with the FLEXI®FORM Madeleine you can bake beautifully shaped scallop-shaped cookies for your tea or coffee session that your friends will love.

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FlexiForm Waffle mould

A scent that brings back memories

The sweet smell of waffles brings back memories of children's birthdays, Christmas or the best grandma in the world (or at least one of the two). With the FlexiForm waffle you can revive these memories or give your children or grandchildren unique moments of enjoyment.

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FlexiForm Mini Stollen mould

This pastry is a must for Christmas!

For many people these are THE baked goods of the pre-Christmas season and their scent makes young and old look forward to Christmas - mini Stollen. They represent a foretaste of Christmas for anyone with a sweet tooth and can be a souvenir or a little thank you for the past year. Two delicious recipes, for mini stollen and stollen parfait, are included with the baking molds.

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Mincer with baking front

Quickly make homemade Christmas cookies

And if you would like to produce Christmas cookies non-stop, our LURCH mincer Base & Soul is perfect for you. Now a true classic - put the dough on top, turn the crank and use the slider on the pastry attachment to determine the cookie shape. This means you can get baking trays full of cookies in four different shapes in a very short space of time. You decide the length of your cookies yourself.

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Mincer with baking front aubergine

A classic for making Christmas biscuits

Biscuits non-stop! There's a lot to prepare during the Christmas season - biscuit and biscuit production non-stop. The LURCH mincer with biscuit attachment is just the right companion for this. With the mincer, you can produce delicious shortbread biscuits in no time at all. Just like on an assembly line, only without electricity!

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Cookie press

Making and decorating pastries made easy

Once you've finished baking your Christmas biscuits and cakes for the time being, it's time to get creative and decorate your baked goods. This is usually even more fun than the baking itself. What would a Christmas or gingerbread man be without a face? We have a practical kitchen helper for this purpose. The biscuit press can also be used to create lots of biscuits in a wide variety of shapes.

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Baking mat

The best replacement for baking paper

Our baking mat is the ideal replacement for baking paper. It measures 30 x 40 cm and therefore fits most standard baking trays. The silicone used is heat-resistant up to 240°C. So it's safe to get hot in your oven. The material is robust and durable, designed for everyday use - saving you several rolls of baking paper in the long run.

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Baking mat 40x60cm

The right protection for your bakery

You're always happy when your husband cooks or your children help you in the kitchen. But afterwards, the kitchen looks like a mess! We can't help you with tomato sauce splashes on the ceiling. But you can protect the worktop of your beautiful kitchen from stains with the LURCH FLEXI®FORM roll-out and baking mat.

Vew Baking mat 40x60cm

Our favourite biscuit cutters for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year begins! It's getting colder outside, cosy fires are blazing inside and the smell of freshly baked goods is in the air. The time has come for the big Christmas bake. Call your loved ones into the kitchen and conjure up all kinds of biscuits and cakes together.

Christmas baking with the family

There is nothing better than baking together with the family and especially with the little ones. It's simply fun to prepare the biscuit dough, knead it and shape it with creative cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters for your Christmas bakery

We have added twelve new moulds to our Christmas baking range this year. From a shooting star and Father Christmas to an angel and a Christmas tree, there are eight more cool motif moulds to join the baking party. Our moulds have a silicone rim that is easy on the hands, making it easy to cut out biscuits for hours on end.

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The right baking accessories for your baking ideas


Every season has its beautiful sides. And so the months of autumn and winter are among those in which we move closer together and make ourselves comfortable. Life takes place more at home again - in warm parlours and kitchens - and things like baking together are particularly enjoyable. The sweet treats simply belong in the Christmas season, as this is the traditional time for baking biscuits.

Baking is creative, can be experienced with all the senses and inspires again and again. How wonderful it is to smell exquisite spices such as cinnamon or coriander, knead the dough with dedication and then lovingly decorate the warm biscuits. Even the little ones' eyes light up when it comes to baking. Full of enthusiasm, they cut out biscuits, melt chocolate and nibble the dough from the bowl. LURCH has developed practical baking aids and Christmas biscuit moulds made from BPA-free Premium-Platinum-Silicone to ignite their joy and enthusiasm for baking.

No matter which treat you choose: When baking vanilla crescents, cinnamon stars and Christmas biscuits, you will achieve the best baking results with the LURCH Flexi biscuit baking moulds. The motifs on the biscuit moulds are clearly visible on the baked biscuits, for example the nativity scene motifs on the new FlexiForm Spekulatius. The moulds are made of 100% platinum silicone, which is particularly characterised by its maximum non-stick effect. This means that the finished biscuits come out of the moulds very easily. Platinum silicone is also food-safe, tasteless, can be heated up to 240 degrees Celsius and is, of course, BPA-free. The robust and fruit acid-resistant moulds have a manufacturer's guarantee of 15 years. Cleaning after use is also unproblematic as the moulds are dishwasher-safe. Thanks to the flexible material, the biscuit baking tins can also be stored in a space-saving manner.