LURCH salad recipes

Healthy and varied food quickly made at home

Since the different combinations of ingredients always result in great and varied salads, a salad almost always fits. As a side dish or main course, and for almost any occasion. It also fits particularly well in the summer and is therefore the perfect souvenir for the next summer party. However, it doesn't have to be boring. Whether with fruits, nuts or a delicious dressing, the many facets and possible combinations of different vegetables always allow new creations to emerge. That's why: not all salads are the same!

Delicious salad recipes

The LURCH salad recipe collection reveals a colorful world of flavors and combinations that inspire the senses. Each recipe is like a little story that opens the chapter of healthy enjoyment with fresh ingredients, creative dressings and delicious toppings.

Accessories for preparing salad

In the busy kitchen of a passionate cook, where fresh ingredients play the main role, the crunchy vegetables and juicy leaves are joined by trustworthy little helpers - the salad accessories. Between artful preparation and the appetite for a healthy meal, kitchen helpers play a crucial role in the perfect salad experience.

Base & Soul drum grater

Three interchangeable blades for creative salads

Grating, cutting, slicing, grating, shredding, mincing... The Lurch Base & Soul drum grater will delight you because it makes all of these tasks easier in no time! Simply select the desired drum insert (coarse, fine, discs), fill the funnel, crank - and the perfect result is ready. The extremely sharp RazorTech blades grate and slice your ingredients extremely gently and efficiently. The grater processes nuts, chocolate, fruit, vegetables, cheese and much more in no time. Time-consuming and laborious cutting with a knife is now a thing of the past.

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Peeler Julienne black

With Japanese blade technology

p>Discover the outstanding performance of the LURCH Julienne peeler with advanced Japanese blade technology. This versatile tool effortlessly transforms elongated vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, radishes and cucumbers into delicious vegetable spaghetti. Experience efficient work and culinary creativity in a practical kitchen helper.

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Tango Profi Shaver

Cuts vegetables like butter - ideal for salads

The Tango shaver for professionals offers outstanding performance. No matter whether mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage or other vegetables - with the LURCH Tango professional fine slicer your ingredients are precisely cut into extra fine slices. The cutting thickness is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 4 millimeters. In addition, the Tango professional fine plane can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. However, for long-lasting sharpness, we recommend hand washing.

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Tango salt mill

Grind like a pro

It's often the subtleties that make a dish special. With our TANGO salt mill you can decide the right seasoning for yourself. The infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder allows you to achieve exact dosage and fine tuning. Perfect your dishes and give them the finishing touches.

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Tango pepper mill

Indispensable for salad

It is often the nuances that make a dish particularly special. With our Tango pepper mill you have control over the ideal seasoning. The infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder allows you to precisely dose and finely tune. Perfect your culinary creations with this mill and give them the finishing touch.

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Garlic press

Pressing unpeeled garlic made easy

The high-quality LURCH garlic press in elegant black offers an ergonomic shape and frees you from the annoying smell on your hands. It allows garlic cloves to be pressed effortlessly without peeling them first. Thanks to the ejector, you can easily remove the pressed toes and avoid direct contact. The classic lever principle requires only minimal effort.

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Chopping knife black

Fast and fine cutting of lettuce

Precise chopping with the LURCH chopping knife: The sharp blade, securely attached to the curved plastic handle, enables effortless chopping of ingredients by gently rocking them back and forth on a surface. Particularly suitable for finely chopping herbs, salad and vegetables. The chopping knife offers an electricity-free alternative to blenders and other kitchen appliances.

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Tong All-in-One anti-stick 305mm

The all-rounder tongs for salad

The all-in-one tongs are a true all-rounder in the kitchen. You can use it as wooden spoon and spatula, as a practical spaghetti gripper or salad server. The nylon ends, which are heat-resistant up to 220°C, ensure scratch-free handling in coated pans, while the secure locking mechanism allows for space-saving storage. Made of high-quality stainless steel and nylon, the pliers impress with a useful length of 30.5 cm. And best of all: it's even dishwasher safe. Overall, an indispensable and versatile utensil that makes everyday kitchen life easier.

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LURCH Kochzangen aus Edelstahl mit Silikon oder Nylon