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Hiking with a backpack full of recipes

Everything for a healthy snack on the go

Hey you, do you like hiking as much as we do? Then you probably know how important it is to have the right snacks on a hike. Before you conquer the next hills, mountains and valleys, you should think about what to eat the day before your tour. Regular breaks and the right nutrition have a big impact on your energy when hiking.

We'll give you new recipes for a healthy breakfast and energy-boosting snacks for the road.

With this recipe selection, you can do more and even lose weight. We also give you tips and tools that are guaranteed to make your next tour an unforgettable success.

1. Preparing for the hike

Good carbohydrates bring energy

The day before the hike, you should start preparing your food. Above all, snacks with good carbohydrates provide the necessary energy base on the day of the hike. Potatoes, wholemeal bread, muesli, pasta, rice, fruit and vegetables are a wonderful source of energy during physical activity. Food that is too light, such as salad without nutritious side dishes, is not so good for hiking.

Choose a few of the following hiking recipes and prepare them fresh. Then put the snacks in the lunch box or lunch box that you want to take with you on the hike the next day. It will keep well in the fridge overnight. Now you can rest your legs and concentrate on breakfast in the morning.

Snack recipes for hiking

The following recipes provide plenty of energy during your hike

2. The morning before the hike

A healthy breakfast

Avoid the worst mistake you can make before a hike - not eating breakfast! Without a hearty breakfast, your body will lack the necessary energy reserves for the upcoming tour. But please remember that eating too much is just as bad as eating too little. So that you are neither plagued by a feeling of fullness nor a rumbling stomach, we now give you some delicious breakfast recipes to help you.

3. A snack is provided

The hike can begin

After you've gathered enough energy with our breakfast recipes, you're ready to go. Grab your hiking gear, stow your chilled stainless steel lunchbox and snacks in your rucksack and make sure you take something to drink. It's just as important to drink enough liquids as it is to have enough food. For a hike, we recommend drinking bottles with a volume of 0.7 to 1 litre. Still water, warm tea or a mixture of fruit juice and water are best. During physical exertion, you should avoid carbonated drinks - they bubble too much in your stomach.

On a demanding hike, it makes sense to plan enough snacks for the breaks. Small and regular snacks with our delicious Snack To-Go recipes provide you with reliable energy throughout the day!

4. You have reached the destination of your hike

Time to relax & unwind

The time has come, you have reached your goal for the day and, thanks to the delicious energy snacks, you arrive with enough strength and stamina to find a nice vantage point. Now it's time to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Be proud of yourself and your achievement, eat a snack and take a good sip from your water bottle.

Before you start your return journey, you should check your water supply and refill it if possible. We wish you a safe journey home. We enjoyed accompanying you on your hike.

The best drinks for hiking

  • Still mineral water or conventional tap water
  • Herbal tea or fruit tea
  • Fruit juices in a healthy mix ratio
  • Homemade drinks like juice shots
  • Isotonic drinks

Tip: A good hit of cool water or warm tea is part of every snack. This will replenish your fluid reservoir and you will feel fit again straight away. During a strenuous day hike, your body needs about three litres of water. So take enough with you and take a break every 30 to 60 minutes.

Frequently asked questions about hiking and snacks

  • If you like to take water or tea with you, insulated bottles made of stainless steel are the best choice. They are robust, lightweight and keep the liquid cold or warm for a long time. If you prefer glass bottles, you should choose a drinking bottle made of borosilicate glass with a protective cover.

  • Stainless steel bottles are just as suitable for juice as glass bottles. The advantage of the stainless steel insulated bottle is that it protects your juice from harmful UV radiation and can also keep it cold for hours.

  • In our opinion, stainless steel lunch boxes are the best choice for hiking. Stainless steel is light, BPA-free, robust and compact. You don't necessarily need a leak-proof lunch box for bread, rolls, vegetable sticks or an apple. But for salads, soups, stews, etc. it makes perfect sense. We have both.

  • We recommend the LURCH ISO-POT for taking food with you that needs to stay warm or refreshingly cool for a long time. This thermal container is a double-walled and leak-proof lunch box that can keep your food hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Ideal for hiking.

  • On a hike, you should always have a three-piece to-go cutlery set with you. Knife, fork and spoon are an integral part of our hiking set. In addition, there is a practical transport box that ensures safe and spill-free transport.

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