Easter! Delicious recipes for baking

Easter is a great opportunity to bake something special.

For Easter breakfast, friends and family look forward to a home-baked raisin roll or a small yeast plait - this goes perfectly with jam, butter or honey.

If you like it savory, you will quickly fall in love with the classic fried egg on toast - but why not in a special shape as a small heart or flower. There is nothing better for the Easter coffee table than a fresh fried egg cake or carrot cake from a small springform pan. The delicious eggnog bundt cake provides a sweet ending.

We wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones, lots of fun cooking and baking and enjoy your meal!

Rezepte zum Osterbacken

Baking recipes for Easter

Get inspired by our delicious Easter baking recipes!

Baking is child's play with our Easter baking moulds

Below you will find all the baking moulds we use for our Easter recipes. Have fun baking.

Yeast plait mould

The Easter yeast plait made easy

Smart, good looking and delicious. Our new yeast plait silicone baking mold basically takes the work out of preparing the famous yeast plait for you. Simply mix the dough, put it in the mold and put it in the oven. A highlight for the whole family, friends and Easter.

View yeast plait mould

Deep savarin Ø18 cm

For the eggnog bundt cake at Easter

Suitable for making all kinds of pastries for 1-4 people. Also great as a casserole dish. Including a delicious recipe for a quark gugelhupf. What's special: No greasing necessary - the pastries come off easily. Also suitable for warming up in the microwave. Desserts can also be frozen in the freezer. At Easter you can make great eggnog cakes in the baking pan.

View Deep savarin Ø18 cm

Mould oval shape

Delicious chocolate raisin cake for Easter

With our oval bread baking pan you can conjure up the most delicious cakes and breads in no time. From rustic wholemeal bread to the sugary raisin cake at Easter. There are no limits to your imagination when preparing the baked goods.

View mould oval shape

Springform with glass bottom Ø 20 cm

Bake a delicious carrot spice cake

A classic among cake baking moulds is the springform mould. The shape consists of a flexible, yet stable ring made of platinum silicone, which is stretched around a robust and cut-resistant glass base. A special feature is the rubber lip at the closure point, which protects against leakage, especially with liquid cakes such as cheesecake.

View Springform with glass bottom Ø 20 cm

Loaf pan 20 cm

Ideal for fresh raisin bread

Perfect for small breads, rusks but also for cakes, cold dogs, casseroles, desserts or frozen foods for Easter. The FLEXI®FORM made from 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone is non-stick, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

View loaf pan 20 cm

Bagels mould

You can create Easter bread wreaths in no time

In America they are available everywhere and they are also becoming increasingly popular in German bakeries. We're talking about bagels and cronuts, the round pastries with a hole in the middle. With the LURCH FLEXI®FORM you can now easily bake these yourself. The baking mould is also suitable for baking small Easter wreaths from yeast dough.

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Rectangular mould 18x18 cm

For tasty fried egg cakes

This baking mould made from 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone is ideal for small cakes and casseroles. The dimensions of the eectangular mould are 18x18cm. It is food-safe and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Egg-Former: Heart, Round, Oval

Just the right thing for Easter breakfast

The sets of 2 fried egg molds are ideal for coated pans, as the silicone material does not scratch the coating. Thanks to the finger grip, the egg molds can be safely removed from the hot pan. The shapers are available in the motifs Heart, RoundOval  and Square. The fried egg molds are a good idea for Easter breakfast or Easter brunch. The formers can be cleaned in the dishwasher.