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Popsicles - recipes and accessories

Refreshment on hot days!

Summer – sun – sunshine! What goes better with it than a homemade popsicle? With our recipes for fruity strawberry-banana or tropical ice lollies, chocolaty creations such as dark chocolate and almond-nut nougat or for a holiday-like taste with coconut-lime and coco-passion fruit, there is something for everyone. Our FlexiForm silicone moulds are ideal for preparation: Instead of burger buns or muesli bars, today we'll simply make refreshing ice lollies. Other FlexiForms such as Madeleine or cinnamon star can also be used for creative ice cream production. Have fun trying it out!

Rezepte und Produkte für Eis am Stiel

Ice cream recipes to make yourself

Discover a variety of irresistible ice cream creations. Pamper your palate with exotic aromas - taste explosions that are reminiscent of vacation. Use our silicone moulds for effortless preparation. Instead of BurgerBuns, you can easily conjure up refreshing ice lollies - let's get creative together!

Accessories for homemade popsicles

Discover our wide range of accessories for homemade popsicles. From innovative silicone moulds to sustainable sticks, discover the ways to create your own ice-cold treats.

Cereal bar mould

Ideal for popsicles

This mould is not only ideal for baking granola bars, but also perfect for freezing treats like popsicles. The finished bars have an impressive size of 11 cm long, 4 cm wide and 1.75 cm deep. Made from food-grade silicone, the brown baking mould features a flat design that takes up little space in your kitchen cupboard. The surrounding edge gives the shape stability, while its flexibility ensures that the cereal bars can be easily removed.

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Hot dog bun mould

A highlight for ice cream and buns

This silicone mould is not only suitable for making hot dogs, but can also be used for baking delicious breakfast sandwiches or freezing popsicles. The dimensions of a hot dog bun or ice cream are 12.8 cm in length, 5 cm in width and 2.5 cm in height. After baking or freezing, you can simply put the mould in the dishwasher or easily clean it by hand.

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Burger bun mould

Round ice cream and burger buns in perfection

The burger bun silicone mould is not only suitable for baking perfectly shaped burger buns but also for freezing popsicles. The mold is made of 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone and is of course food safe and heat resistant. After enjoying the burger, you can simply rinse the mould with warm water or put it in the dishwasher. The maximum non-stick effect makes additional greasing of the mould unnecessary and the delicious burger buns can be easily removed.

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Cake pop sticks

The best sticks for homemade ice cream

Enrich your ice cream creations with these 100 paper sticks. With a length of 10 cm, these sticks are not only suitable for small cake pops, but also ideal for homemade ice lollies. Simply place the paper sticks in the ice cream mixture, freeze them, and the refreshing ice cream sticks are ready to enjoy.

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