Guide | Baking a fruit base

Easily bake LURCH fruit base yourself

What could be more delicious than combining fresh fruit with a delicate cake base? The possibilities are endless - be it a juicy strawberry cake with vanilla pudding, the harmonious combination of chocolate and banana or the Caribbean flair with a mixture of pineapple and coconut. Thanks to our FLEXI®FORM silicone baking moulds, home baking becomes effortless and the result is like that of a confectioner.

Here we have some delicious recipes for you

The sweet journey through our tempting fruit base creations begins here! From the refreshing lemon curd pistachio cake to the delicious banana toffee cake – these recipes offer a variety of tastes. Whether fruity, chocolatey or exotic, these delicious pastries are easy to prepare with our accessories and promise enjoyment in every bite. Immerse yourself in the world of sweet temptations!

Fruit base baking mould and matching baking accessories

Discover the practical and innovative baking accessories for fruit bases from LURCH! With the FLEXI®FORM fruit base baking mould you can conjure up perfect classic cakes, while the lime green stem remover enables precise work. The Smart Tool dough scraper and whisk provide optimal support, and the RazorTech grater duo ensures fine textures. The cherry stoner and pineapple cutter make preparing fruit child's play. Baking has never been so easy!

Fruit base baking mould 28cm

The fruit base baking mould (28 cm) allows you to bake classic cakes with fresh fruit, no matter what time of year. With high energy conductivity and maximum non-stick effect, you can create perfect fruit bases like those from a confectioner. This form saves time and money - just two of the many advantages of baking with FLEXI®FORM.

View fruit base baking mould 28cm

Stem remover lime green

The innovative stem remover enables precise, quick and clean removal of the stems from tomatoes, strawberries and more. The trendy design saves time when chopping and prevents waste. With a simple 90° turn you can pull out the stem and remove the green from strawberries in no time. The ergonomic kitchen helper sits comfortably in the hand and is suitable for both left- and right-handed people.

View stem remover lime green

Smart Tool dough scraper M 28cm

The LURCH Smart Tool dough scraper is the perfect silicone kitchen tool for evenly distributing dough in baking tins and trays. It is also ideal for smoothing cream, creams, puddings and more onto cakes as well as for folding in egg whites and mixing ingredients. Thanks to its special shape, it enables bowls to be completely scraped out. The Smart Tool series offers three different sizes (S, M, L) for versatile applications.

View Smart Tool dough scraper M 28cm

Smart Tool whisk 28cm

The LURCH Smart Tool whisk is an essential utensil in every kitchen, perfect for stirring pastes, creams, dressings and whipping egg whites. With its spiral-shaped construction, you can easily prepare fluffy dough for cakes, pastries or crepes. Also ideal for folding egg whites into dessert mixtures or for refining sauces by gently stirring in cream. The high heat resistance also allows stirring in coated pots at temperatures up to 240°C.

View Smart Tool whisk 28cm

RazorTech grater duo fine and medium

The innovative LURCH RazorTech blade technology of this grater sets new standards. Ideal for grating nutmeg, radish, radishes or ginger. Perfect for preparing carrot salad with delicate apples or preserving orange or lemon jam. With two grating surfaces for fine and medium-fine textures, you save space and are ideally equipped for all grating tasks.

View RazorTech grater duo fine and medium

Cherry stoner

With the LURCH cherry stoner you can easily pit cherries and olives. The smooth-running push button and the sharp stainless steel blade ensure a clean separation of pulp and core. The extra large funnel allows for efficient work, and the collection container makes collection easier. The cherry stoner can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

View cherry stoner

Pineapple slicer

The LURCH pineapple cutter allows you to easily core, peel and cut pineapples with just one twist. Ideal for preparing curries, wok dishes, salads and fruity cakes. The ultra-sharp blades effortlessly cut the pulp into even slices.

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