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LURCH Gugelhupf baking recipes

The Gugelhupf has many faces, it is easy to prepare and yet diverse in its flavor variations. The Gugelhupf has been known for 400 years - legends and little anecdotes surround it and there are countless ways of preparing it. It can be baked with fruits, chocolate, nuts, various glazes, marbling, decorations and even as a savory pastry.

Tradition meets modernity

Bake a Bundt cake with FLEXI®FORM

Grandma's Gugelhupf is boring you? That doesn't have to be the case! Our traditional Bundt cake moulds inspire creative ideas. The FLEXI®FORMS are not only extremely stable and flexible, but are also made of 100% high-quality Premium-Platinum--Silicone. This material offers maximum non-stick effect even WITHOUT a coating, so that the pastry comes out easily without prior greasing and no dough residue remains. The FLEXI®FORMS are temperature-resistant from -40°C to 240°C, food-safe, dishwasher-safe and particularly durable. Discover the versatility and quality for an uncomplicated and creative baking experience.

Our 12 most delicious Bundt cake recipes

LURCH FLEXI®FORM Bundt cake moulds

The Gugelhupf is a cake that accompanies us through life like no other. It is the symbol of the cake, the first shape that we hold in our hands in the sandpit, the cake that we get from grandma for our sixth birthday, a welcome souvenir at the parties of our youth, the first cake that we have in ours baking in our own kitchen, a sweet treat that the whole family enjoys and finally the favorite cake that we bake for our grandchildren. We have the right baking mould!

Gugelhupf mould Ø22cm

LURCH offers the perfect bundt pan with non-stick properties made from 100% Premium-Platinum-Silicone. Traditional and creative recipes for lemon, marble, chocolate or experimental Bundt cake variations are included. The food-safe, tasteless and fruit acid-resistant FLEXI®FORM with maximum non-stick effect is free of BPA, PTFE and PFAS and dishwasher safe. Look forward to effortless baking and perfect results.

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Gugelhupf mould 18cm

Our “coffee party series” offers a variety of shapes, including one ideal for 1-4 people. Perfect for pastries and casseroles. The mould fulfills its role as a Bundt cake pan with flying colors. With an attached, delicious recipe for a quark bundt cake, it inspires culinary creativity. More baking recipes can be found in our recipe category. The outstanding feature of this mold is that no greasing is necessary - the pastry comes off easily. It is also microwave safe and allows you to freeze desserts in the freezer.

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Mini Gugelhupf mould (6 cavity)

The FLEXI®FORM Mini Gugelhupf allows you to prepare traditional or new Gugelhupf variations in a variety of ways. With a diameter of 7 cm and a height of around 3 cm, the mini bundt cakes are perfect as small treats for tea, coffee or at children's birthday parties. The mould also offers spontaneous use if there is excess dough.

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Muffinliner Gugelhupf Set of 6

The Gugelhupf, a traditional classic, is easy to prepare and yet has a diverse range of flavors. Known for 400 years, it offers a variety of preparation options, from sweet with fruit and chocolate to savory pastries. With our muffin liner Gugelhupf set you can bake up to six perfectly shaped mini bundt cakes at the same time. Also ideal as a gift!

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Passendes Backzubehör für deine Backstube

Hier findest du weiteres Backzubehör, um deine Backstube zu perfektionieren. Von innovativen Backformen bis hin zu nützlichen Küchenhelfern – finde hier alles, was du für ein erfolgreiches Backerlebnis benötigst. Steigere die Effizienz und Freude beim Backen mit unserem sorgfältig ausgewählten Sortiment.