Guide | Storing potatoes

How do you store potatoes correctly?

We love potatoes! The potato is both a popular and important staple food. From the simple side dish as boiled and fried potatoes, it has undergone many other variations in the last few decades. Tasty French fries, potato pancakes or even nutritious potato bread are just a few examples of how potatoes can be used in many different ways. This guide provides tips & Tricks and is aimed at everyone who wants to know how to properly store potatoes at home. In the basement? The pantry? In the garden? Or is it better in the fridge? We give answers and tell you what you should consider when storing potatoes.

4 tips & Tricks for storing potatoes

1. Potatoes prefer it dark

The right storage location is extremely important for potatoes. They should neither be exposed to the sun nor exposed to moisture or frost. If you expose your potatoes to too much light over a period of time, they will begin to turn green. During this process, the substance solanine is formed, which is harmful to health and can cause various problems. So please store your potatoes in as dark a place as possible.

2. Potatoes like it cool

The optimal storage temperature is between 4° and 9°C. At temperatures above 10° Celsius, potatoes begin to sprout, lose moisture and shrink. But that doesn't mean they belong in the fridge. At temperatures below 4°C, the taste of potatoes changes to the disadvantage and it can quickly happen that they become inedible.

3. The right potato container

After buying them in the supermarket or even harvesting your own potatoes, you have to pack the tubers correctly for storage. Sacks made of jute or linen are best suited for this. These provide shade and at the same time ensure proper ventilation. What used to be good is still the best way to store potatoes today. In addition, it is best to use stackable wooden boxes for storage. The bags can be easily stored on top of each other and the tubers also get enough air. Please make sure that the bags or sacks are closed and that the potatoes do not get any light.

4. Do not store potatoes and fruit together

If you have enough space in your home, you should remember the following: "Never store potatoes together with fruit". A gas escapes from fruit that unintentionally accelerates the ripening process of potatoes and can cause them to spoil.

Tip: Check your stored potatoes at regular intervals to make sure they are not rotting.

Potato Recipes

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